3 Habits to Start Each Day

3 Habits to Start Each Day

Morning is the time I get the most done. Upon waking I’ve come to follow a routine that’s become fairly automatic:

  1. Drinking a glass of filtered water to rehydrate after hours of sleep. This habit fuels the brain and helps me feel refreshed and keeping a glass on the bedside table ensures that I drink it right away. 
  1. Playing mental stimulation games on Lumosity.com, a favorite way to get the mind ready for the interactions of the day. This platform and others like it offer a selection of games for each day ranging from mathematical, spatial, reasoning, speed and memory. Progress is recorded so you can see how you compare to others.’

  2. Meditation is the third item I include in the morning as the coffee brews. This time is dedicated to focusing on what I’d like to bring to the day, visualizing how I can serve others and what I’d like to have happen. It’s also a time to give thanks for the opportunities of a new day.

Do you have rituals that help jumpstart your morning? Let us know about them!


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