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KettleX® Yoga a sophisticated Vinyasa-based workout that pairs linear, curvy, traditional & rhythmic movements with the added resistance of a very light weight.

Developed by Lorna Kleidman and Mary Horne, KettleX Yoga takesyoga to another levelbyamplifying the flow whileencouraging overall physical tone. The result is improved awareness, muscle control, balance, symmetry and cardio.

All levels can participate. Multilevel options are given throughout this non-impact workout. 

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Our cert courses are designed for certified yoga instructors and fitness professionals with at least 18 months Vinyasa practice. 

About the Creators

Lorna and Mary bring more than 30 years combined knowledge and experience to you in this one-day course!

Lorna Kleidman is a World champion athlete with a degree in sports & health science, NYS massage therapist & ART soft tissue certified. Lorna has presented at 2 Canyon Ranch locations, ECA and others, author, trainer, coach and creator of KettleX workouts and trainer’s courses. 

Mary Horne is a dancer, trainer, certified yoga instructor and has a B.F.A. Dance Performance Marymount Manhattan College, cum laude. Mary has worked throughout NYC teaching dance and yoga, including Equinox clubs. Mary has helped bring KettleX Yoga to life and is an energetic, creative and fabulous instructor!

What people are saying

“I got to experience KettleX Yoga with Lorna and Mary at the end of March. As an avid member of the Crossfit community I also love to do Yoga to stretch the muscles out. KettleX Yoga was that perfect low impact challenge to add in balance and an even deeper stretch with the resistance of a very light kettlebell.  A great class for any beginner and those who have been practicing yoga for years. With being the Community and Events Leader at Athleta on the Upper West Side, I had to bring this class to the shop. We had a great response from the clients and everyone loved the workout. We are putting KettleX Yoga back on our calendar for May and already have people e-mailing to sign up again!”

Ashley Rodrigues, Manager Athleta Shop Upper West Side, Manhattan

“As professional performer, I choose my exercises very carefully. Lorna’s KettleX Yoga intrigued me. It is a true body mind workout. My body plays with new weight distributions, while mind is constantly focused on a kettlebell as a present challenge. KettleX Yoga prevents mindless, sloppy moves by introducing the game of balance. It also keeps the mood light by a great music selection. This flow demands the full engagement of the body and, as a result, create increased joint stability, concentrated mind and an uplift throughout the body lines. I like KettleX Yoga!”

Julia Kulakova, Creator of Femme Vitale and NY Gypsy Dance Workout

“KettleX Yoga offers a challenging yoga flow that provides all the benefits of yoga in addition to added strength and joint stability. Get a complete fitness experience in less than an hour! KettleX Yoga serves all fitness levels, as movements can be modified.”

Barabra Sroka, Yoga Instructor

Don’t miss out, get certified! Click here for the September course or to bring the one-day certification to your facility.

Best, Lorna

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