The Wonders of an Herbal Face Steam

Have you ever noticed how inhaling the steam from a cup of hot tea or bowl of soup can ease sinus congestion? Here’s a purposeful herbal steam that you can do at home should you need to fight a cough or cold.

Benefits to your skin

Gentle steam will open your facial pores, soften skin and improve circulation

Reduce Congestion

Steam will alleviate the symptoms of a cold or flu, including

loosening congestion. Done before bed, an herbal face steam will help you sleep more comfortably and before a workout will help you to breathe through your session!

You’ll need

- a large pot or bowl

- 1 T each dried herbs as desired: thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender. Raw chopped garlic works wonder too!

- 2 large towels 

How to

- Put an inch of water in the bottom of pot and bring to boil or place boiled water into a bowl

- Fold a towel in half and place on a stable, heat-proof, flat surface such as counter or table

- Place the pot or bowl on towel

- Add dried herbs, stir well and cover with a lid for about 2 minutes

-Remove lid and be sure steam isn’t too hot for your face

- Lean over the pot and cover head with 2nd  towel to create a tent

- Breathe the steam in slowly and steadily for 8-10 minutes, preferably through the nose.

- When finished, wash face thoroughly

- Avoid herbal steams if you are pregnant

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