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Chair (optional), yoga mat, block, (2) 5lb dumbbells, glider or small towel

Workout Time



No-jump options

Bridge hip lift 15, then single leg  10 each

Plank, lift alternating leg, reach alternating arm   8 each

W & V reaches   15

Squat with single dumbbell reaches   15

2 sets

5-way dumbbell ladder combo 10,8,6 reps

1 set

Lateral glider with dumbbell Snatch   12 each

Small jumps, touch hand block, modify by opening legs to squat/touch, then stand to close   15 each

Toe taps to block, modify by touching without jumping   30 or so

Dumbbell sit up, chop   15 each

V-sit with arms reaching overhead    8 each

Forearm plank hold   1 min

3 sets