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Kettlebell Program Sport CoachingKettlebell Sport Coaching

Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport, is a highly challenging power-endurance feat that combines skill, endurance, flexibility and mental focus.

Kettlebell competitors traditionally choose one of 3 lifts to compete in:


  • Long Cycle - combines the momentum of the Swing Clean with the power of the Jerk
  • Snatch – momentum of a swing to fixation of the bell in the overhead position
  • Biathlon - Jerk, followed by the Snatch

Men’s Jerk and Long Cycle are performed with two bells.
Women’s Jerk and Long Cycle are performed with either one or two bells.
Men and Women’s Snatch is performed with one bell.

Each lifter has 10 minutes to complete as many repetitions of the determined lifts as possible without setting the kettlebell(s) down. Although there are not points awarded or deducted for style, it is mandatory that the knees and elbows are straight at the top of each lift, and that the bell(s) is stopped overhead in order to receive a count from the judge.

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Personal Technique Coaching


Private sessions for all levels of competitors or those considering getting on the platform! Create proper movement patterns, breathing, use of the grip, legs and trunk, pacing, mental preparation and much more!

No Refunds. Must use services within 3 months of purchase. Rescheduling allowed with 24 hours notice of cancellation.

In person location:
Velocity Sports Performance
133 East 58th St. 6th floor  (bet. Park Ave & Lexington Ave)


Virtually via Facetime

  • 1-1: $175.00
  • 5-5: $160.00
  • 10-10: $135.00