Kettlebell Sport Coaching

The Kettlebell Sport lifts are Jerk or Long Cycle, using one or two bells and Snatch using one bell.

A  Brief History of Kettlebell Sport

Learn Kettlebell Sport Lifts for:

  • Fat loss
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Enhanced cardiovascular capacity
  • Mental focus
  • Joint health
  • Improve athletic ability in other activities such as running, tennis, lifting
  • To compete in KB Sport
  • Transfer of confidence to everyday life activities


Short answer: No!

The age of lifters who compete spans from 5 to over 80 years old!

Kettlebell Sport lifts engage all the major muscle groups, making it a thorough movement system for the entire body. This translates to reducing muscle imbalances that often occur with other sports. At the same time, the lifter is standing in one place.  People who prefer not to run or do impact movements can easily perform the Sport lifts for many years. When it comes to joint health, the Sport lifts are superb for maintaining joint range of motion, stability, and reduction in injury. 

Keep in mind that the weights used are not maximal, the objective is to attain more endurance and develop technique to ensure endurance, relaxation, and aerobic capacity. It’s not about maximal weight as seen in Strongman, Olympic Lifting, or Power Lifting. 

On a personal note, I’ve NEVER had an injury while training and competing in KB Sport, not once since 2007.

No. Your body composition will not be an impediment to lifting, and many of your goals will be met during the process of training.

There are always objectives to achieve with these lifts, be it increased pace, fixation, breathing patterns, and much more. Although it may look tedious, the mind of the lifter is constantly engaged with the body, each minute, each rep. 

The main lifts are given in a variety of training methods including intervals, light long sets, timed sets, sets for reps, and so on. 

Main sets are followed by customized general physical preparation (GPP) including squats, lunges, deadlifts, presses, pushups, flexibility moves. Off-days may include swimming, rowing, biking, or other cardio. 

The cost is significantly lower than most other sports. You’ll need:

  • 3-4 Competition Kettlebells in 2kg increments
  • Lifting shoes
  • Lifting belt (for Long Cycle & Jerk)
  • Chalk
  • Wrist sweatbands

A week may consist of:

  • Warmup + KB lifts + GPP  =  90 minutes    3 – 4x per week 
  • Cardio     =      15 – 30 minutes      2 – 3x per week

Each person is different, therefore programs are customized to consider lifestyle, ability, age, and goals. 


Just wanted to say hi and thank you for being an inspiration in my training with KBs!!
I am 41 years old and started KB training for about over a year ago, in order to prepare myself for a polar expedition. I was planning to cross the icecap of Greenland together with some good friends. This is really hard work both mental and physically – and I needed all the help I could get…. After working hard for several months, I set out to cross the ice cap and it went very well. After 22 days, living in a tent, sometimes in stormy weather in minus 30 celcius degrees, pulling a sled weight about 64 kg – I completed the polar expedition. And one of the many things I missed in these days were to get back into the gym and continue training. I’m now doing double Long Cycle with 12 +12 kg, 43 reps as my personal record in 10 min. – I can’t wait to get even stronger and better with my technique and flow. In addition I have lost weight even when building muscles and strength. It is so satisfying and fun to do this, and I would like very much to improve and one time even try to compete in this sport. So, keep on doing what you do, and if I ever come to NYC, it would be just great to join one of your classes. Keep up the good work!!

— Else Haugland


I was trying to think of one word to express how I feel about Lorna, and ‘inspiring’ fits best. I came across her website and YouTube video when I was surfing for some motivation and inspiration while training for a kettlebell certification. There she was floating the bell up seamlessly. I quickly read everything I could about her, cut out pictures and put her on my motivational board. At the time I saw her video my training goal was to snatch a 12kg 60 times with only 1 transfer of hands. I just kept saying to myself “if Lorna is over 40 years old, around the same height and frame as me, I have to be able to do 60!” I call her inspiring not just because of what she has accomplished but because from what I read it wasn’t easy for a person with asthma, and not in their twenties, to take on such a huge challenge. Oh yeah, the inspiration worked, I completed the certification with no problem at the age of 47! Thanks Lorna and please keep posting those videos.

— Pat Smith-Elam