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No Need to Travel to Become CERTIFIED!

 KettleX Pro Package is completely online and includes:

- 60 Minutes One-on-One Coaching with Lorna
- 2 Multiple Choice Exams
- 1 Online Practical

Course must be completed within 6 months of registering

- Accredited for CECs from ACE, NASM

$399, Refer-a-Friend $350

To enroll in the course, please click here.

"Taking the KettleX Pro certification with Lorna was convenient, affordable, and helped prepare me to teach our new kettlebell fitness program."

"From the start, my kettlebell fitness classes, which were built upon the concepts learned through the KettleX Pro certification, have been a client favorite!
Within the first month, we had to increase the class capacity, then after 2 months, I had to add a second offering to the schedule.

The KettleX Pro certification stands out amongst other kettlebell fitness certifications because it isn’t simply to implement as a kettlebell program. Lorna’s program is designed to teach instructors how to create classes that will enhance movement, develop strength, and improve cardiovascular fitness.

I’ll never get tired of having the students in my class express surprise and pride as they find themselves moving with more ease, breathing with more control, and most impressively, leaving the 5 pound kettlebells behind and lifting 15-25 pounds comfortably overhead.

This certification should be the industry standard for kettlebell fitness."

Alison Zemanek - Owner of Break Away Cycle & Strength, Longmont, CO