Kettle-X Trainers Seminar

We brought KettleX training to our facility to give our Certified Instructors and Trainers a thorough training course. We wanted the team to feel confident teaching our guests safely and effectively how to learn, understand, and feel the benefits of Kettlebell training in our group classes. Lorna provided us with just that! Not only did everyone learn a lot, it was good for some to learn Lorna’s unique and simple way to breakdown Kettlebell training for everyone and anyone.

– Laura Chevalier, Director of Fitness, Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA

The KettleX Trainers Seminar is an onsite learning experience created and lead by World Champion Lorna Kleidman, whose past eight years have been dedicated to both Kettlebell fitness and Sport by training individuals, group classes, competitive lifters, creating DVDs and authoring a book on Kettlebell fitness.

The mission of KettleX is to make kettlebell fitness accessible to everyone, in a non-intimidating, comprehensive and fun manner. We want more people to benefit from the knowledge of properly trained fitness professionals so they may experience the life-long enhancement that KettleX has been created to offer.

Accredited for CECs from ACE

At Course’s End, Students will be able to-

At Course’s End, Students will be able to-