Meet Lorna
Fitness is my passion, but you may not know that my greatest triumph is not visible to the eye.

There is a long journey behind my story, which was shaped by a relentless hunger to know “what else can I do today?” This personal determination and perseverance led me to become a leading competitor in Kettlebell Sport worldwide and to bring a personal, results-oriented approach to my personal training clients.

As a child and young adult, I suffered from debilitating exercise-induced asthma. Because of this condition, my lung capacity was extremely limited, preventing me from fully participating in any recreational activities. Joining a gym and taking aerobics classes in my twenties was a major challenge. For over a year I remained in the back of the fitness studio, where I was safe, close to my inhaler. I would try to keep pace with my classmates, twice my age, and completely inspiring.

Through sheer love of music, fitness, movement, and consistency, my asthma gradually abated over the course of many years.

I was introduced to Kettlebells in 2005 and soon began training for competitions in Kettlebell Sport, a 10-minute endurance feat with a one-hand switch.

My intention was not to be a champion or a particular dress size, just to be better at whatever I was doing each day. After 8 months of training, I participated in my first international competition at the age of 42, winning Gold in her age category and Silver in the weight category.

Since 2007 I’ve won 5 World Championships, earned 6 MSIC (Master of Sport International Class) rankings as well as World and National records with 16, 20, and 24kg bells.

Not just kettlebells!

I use all types of equipment with my clients: their own body weight, dumbbells, bands, barbell, and machines, depending upon their goals and what they have access to

Podcast Interview with Age is Irrelevant

Lorna discusses growing up with asthma, beginning her fitness journey, learning KB fitness and Sport, and her daily habits.

Education & Achievements


Achievements in Kettlebell Sport

As of 2020, Lorna is a 5-time World Champion, 6-time Master of Sport International Class (MSIC), and holds the female record in the Americas for 24kg Snatch in 10-minute traditional Kettlebell Sport.

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