Workout/Warm-up Category: Intermediate Level

KettleX Intermediate #2

Equipment Yoga mat, block, (1) 5lb dumbbell, light KB, step with 2 risers Workout Time 37:57 Movements Bridge with single arm internal/external rotation 8 each Plank hold with one hand lifted 20 sec each Good morning 20 2 sets Press, Bulgarian split lunge, row 10 reps each move, each side 3 sets Leg raise with …

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Ab-Session Intermediate #2

Equipment Yoga mat, block Workout Time 29:31 Movements All 30 seconds Dead bug with block Touch hands under legs Forearm Plank 3 sets Knee-in crunch Reach for laces Scissor legs down 3 sets Plank, knee to elbows Side plank hold Reach for heels 3 sets

KettleX 600 Challenge

Equipment Yoga mat, block, gliders, 1 light & 1 heavy KB Workout Time 36:47 Movements Non-jumping option Squat jump touch hand to block Split stance with thruster Lateral lunge with bicep curl Glider knees in Russian Twist Heavy KB double arm Swings 20 reps for all 5 rounds

Ab-Session Intermediate #1

Equipment Yoga mat, block, gliders, step with 2-3 risers Workout Time 26:50 Movements Non-jumping option 30 sec for all Straight arm plank Down dog, touch shin Russian Twist 3 sets Forearm glider slider Step with 2-3 risers, burpee, hands off Elbow to knee 3 sets Bicycle Forearm side plank, elbow to knee Down dog, knee …

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Fast Track Intermediate #1

Equipment Yoga mat, block, (2) 5lb dumbbells, step & risers Workout Time 17:21 Movements Bulgarian split stance, hover, bicep curl & touch knee 10,8,6 one side Bridge, alternating press 10 each Other side 2x Glider mountain climber & leg abduction 4 each 5x Laterals over the step 15 2x

Fit & Fab Intermediate #2

Equipment Towel for knee, (2) 5lb dumbbells, yoga mat, step with risers Workout Time 45:36 Movements No jumping Single leg deadlift, single arm row, posterior step 8 each Plank alternating hand touch leg 10 each Bird dog with posterior fly 15 each Dumbbell trunk rotations 15-20 sec each 3 sets Lateral lunge, knee lift 10 …

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KettleX 400 Challenge

Equipment Yoga block, chair or stool, (1) heavier & (1)lighter KB, towel for knees Workout Time 31:32 Movements No jumping High pull to goblet squat. You can use a chair or stool for squat 10 Light or heavier KB dead Swings 10 Swing Clean to post step 10 each Kneeling press 10 each Single arm …

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KettleX Intermediate #1

Equipment Wrist bands, yoga mat, block, gliders, chair or stool, (2) Kettlebells 15-25lb. They can be 2 different weights. Workout Time 43:03 Movements No jumping Single-leg deadlift   10 each Swing Clean, elbow to knee 8 each Glider with vertical Clean 8 each Standing Russian twist  18 or so (2) KB sit then hover 3 sec, stand. Use chair …

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Fit & Fab Intermediate #1

Equipment Yoga mat, block, gliders, dumbbells, chair or stool Workout Time 49:34 Movements No-jump options Double leg bridge  20, singles 15 each Prone Angel  15 Pushup to side plank  8 each Squat elbow to knee with dumbbells. You can use the chair or stool   12 each Dumbbell chops  3-way 20 sec each 3 sets High …

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KettleX Intermediate 5-Rung Ladder

Equipment 1 light & 1 heavier KB, yoga mat, block Workout Time 32:38 Movements No-jump option Double arm Swings Squat or squat jump Pushup Leg raise Russian twist High pull Rep scheme will be an inverse ladder 25,20,15,10,5 & 5,10,15,20,25