What is KettleX Yoga?

What is KettleX Yoga?

KettleX Yoga is a unique yoga-based workout and certification course utilizing one light Kettlebell to enhance stability, endurance, focus, balance and lean muscle.

If I’m an Instructor, can I get Certified?

Yes! Prerequisites to become certified are-

  • Yoga certification or National Fitness Certification with Intermediate level of experience in Vinyasa yoga.
  • KettleX Yoga will satisfy your beginner fitness levels students as well as advanced yoga practitioners. A range of levels can be adapted to suit your clientele.

But why use a weight?

We feel there are aspects of yoga that could benefit from a single light Kettlebell:

Namely. engagement of arm and shoulder stability, rotational balance and oppositional lengthening against modest resistance. KettleX Yoga involves all planes of motion, joint and muscle groups making this a fun, challenging and thorough workout!

So it’s yoga with a kettlebell?

If reduced to the base elements. But that’s like describing ice cream as just frozen cream and sugar. It’s a sophisticated marriage that reaches beyond typical yoga or Kettlebell sessions.

Can I use a dumbbell instead?

The shape of the Kettlebell allows for more dynamic movement patterns than a dumbbell.

Think of the way you can hold a purse or knapsack in a variety of positions. Because of this, the unique workout was designed for use with a Kettlebell.

Do I need experience in either Yoga or Kettlebells to do the workout?

No. Since there are no typical ballistic Kettlebell movements in this workout and the weight is light, no prior experience is necessary. If you’re new to yoga, you can participate without the Kettlebell or place it down at any time. Many modifications and progressions are offered throughout the class so all levels are satisfied.

Is this similar to Kettlebell classes I’ve attended?

No. KettleX Yoga is not a Kettlebell-centric class. No Swinging, no power moves, nothing ballistic. The objective of the workout is focus, stability, flexibility, balance and oppositional lines.

Typical Kettlebell classes are about enhancing power, strength and cardiovascular capacity.

These goals can be achieved with KettleX DVDs.

Why not use heavier weights?

A heavier weight changes the purpose of the workout and has shown to be ineffective and at times impossible to use for this workout. For heavier weight workouts, please view KettleX DVDs.

How can I found out about certification courses?

For more information on our certification courses, click here. You can also e-mail me at lorna@

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