Basic Package

$ 329
  • 11 Basics lessons – Tutorials with workouts
  • Suggested Equipment: Links to reputable vendors will be provided
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Lifetime access


$ 529
  • 11 Basics lessons – Tutorials with workouts
  • 2 personal remote training sessions with Lorna to be used within 60 days of purchase
  • Suggested Equipment: Links to reputable vendors will be provided
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Lifetime access

Want More?

$ 999
  • 11 Basics lessons – Tutorials with workouts
  • 21 KettleX Intermediate Level
  • 4 personal remote training sessions with Lorna to be used within 90 days of purchase
  • Suggested Equipment: Links to reputable vendors will be provided
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Lifetime access

Everything you need to know for proper, effective & FUN kettlebell workouts!

This program is for you if: You’re a woman or man interested in kettlebell training. A beginner to Intermediate level of fitness suggested.  who have either never worked with kettlebells or use them currently, but want to step up their game!

This program is not for you if: If you have not been active (walking, biking, working out) in over a year, have a chronic or acute injury, pain when sitting, standing or reaching overhead.

KettleX 21-Day Kettlebell Kickstarter gives you Lifetime Access to:

Tutorials for over 30 movements​


Workouts ranging from --- to ---- time​


Access to private Facebook Group​​

Nutrition tips to enhance energy & recovery​​​

Access to ask Lorna anything along the way Mon-Fri​

Proper, safe & FUN instruction from Lorna: 16 years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer, and Multi-World Champion athlete in Kettlebell Sport​

KettleX FAQs

The sessions are presented in order. You’ll begin with KettleX Tutorial #1, followed by KettleX Workout #1 & so on.
If you purchase the package that include the Intermediate level workouts, you’ll also want to perform the sessions the way they are listed as they become more challenging as you go. 

Absolutely! Each KettleX workout comes with a tutorial that breaks down each kettlebell movement into comprehensive, easy-to-follow parts. 

You’ll learn how to hold the bell, how to move through the legs & how to breath. Along with step-by-step how to, there is also guidance on what NOT to do. This program makes it easy & fun!

Yes! I suggest a basic level of fitness: The ability to sit & stand from a chair for 10 reps, ascend & descend stairs without pain & hold a straight-arm plank for 15 seconds. If you can do these movements, you’re good to go!

You can, though I don’t recommend using gloves since it will interfere with your skin’s sensory feedback. This feedback is important for the kettlebell in the hand. But if you want to wear them, choose thin, finger-less golf gloves.

There is some jumping within the workouts, but in each case there is an accommodation offered for non-impact.

Yes! Those coming to the Intermediate & Advanced level workouts will experience an increase in the intensity, pace & weights (optional), creating more challenge than the Basics level workouts! Everyone will work at their own level, some perhaps slower than others. But the workouts are meant to come back to every few weeks, they weren’t created to be ‘one & done’. No matter your level coming into the program, you will be challenged!

Once an exercise becomes easy on the last couple reps, you may want to increase your weight or keep the same weight but increase the reps you perform in each set.

This program is designed for 4 sessions per week, every other day. Of course, if you’re feeling particularly sore, you should take a couple days in between workouts.

The equipment is shown below with suggested vendors.

There is no diet in this program, but there are nutrition tips & guidance for healthful eating habits.

Since this is an online program & everyone starts from a different place, it will be different for everyone. With consistency of 4 days per week, you should start to experience                  fat loss & more strength within 6-8 weeks. Keep in mind that the scale is not the best measure of progress since your body can change yet not lose weight. How your clothes are fitting & how you’re feeling in your body are better measures in the first couple months. 

Only if you absolutely cannot purchase a Kettlebell. The 2 weights are very different, like a tennis ball vs a baseball; they allow for different types of movement. You’ll be missing out on a multitude of benefits if you’re not using them.  

For the Basic package: Women, please purchase a 15lb & 25lb bell. For men, 20lb & 35lb.

For the Intermediate package, you’ll want an additional bell: Women 35lb, men 45-55lb.

Suggested weights are listed for each workout. When an exercise begins to feel easy on the last reps, it’s a good indication that you can go up in weight, 5-10lbs.

The Intermediate level workouts use heavier bells for strength, endurance & fat burning!