Personal Training with Lorna

My clients span all levels and ages, but I SPECIALIZE in women and men over 40. Why? Because my fitness journey didn’t begin in earnest until my mid-30s & in my 40s I began competing & winning Internationally in Kettlebell Sport.

I know what it takes to get & stay strong, lean, confident & injury free & that’s what I’ll share with YOU!

Let me show YOU how to improve your quality of life and meet your objectives, be it weight loss, renewed energy, or getting back to activities you love!


In-person Rates

  • 1 Session: $110
  • 5 pack: $500 ($100 per session)
  • 10 Pack: $970 ($97 per session)
  • All personal training sessions
    are 1 hour in length

Virtual Rates

  • 1 Session: $110
  • 5 pack: $450 ($90 per session)
  • 10 Pack: $970 ($97 per session)
  • All personal training sessions
    are 1 hour in length
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Kettlebell FAQs

Short answer: No!

The age of lifters who compete spans from 5 to over 80 years old!

Kettlebell Sport lifts engage all the major muscle groups, making it a thorough movement system for the entire body. This translates to reducing muscle imbalances that often occur with other sports. At the same time, the lifter is standing in one place.  People who prefer not to run or do impact movements can easily perform the Sport lifts for many years. When it comes to joint health, the Sport lifts are superb for maintaining joint range of motion, stability, and reduction in injury. 

Keep in mind that the weights used are not maximal, the objective is to attain more endurance and develop technique to ensure endurance, relaxation, and aerobic capacity. It’s not about maximal weight as seen in Strongman, Olympic Lifting, or Power Lifting. 

On a personal note, I’ve NEVER had an injury while training and competing in KB Sport, not once since 2007.

No. Your body composition will not be an impediment to lifting, and many of your goals will be met during the process of training.

There are always objectives to achieve with these lifts, be it increased pace, fixation, breathing patterns, and much more. Although it may look tedious, the mind of the lifter is constantly engaged with the body, each minute, each rep. 

The main lifts are given in a variety of training methods including intervals, light long sets, timed sets, sets for reps, and so on. 

Main sets are followed by customized general physical preparation (GPP) including squats, lunges, deadlifts, presses, pushups, flexibility moves. Off-days may include swimming, rowing, biking, or other cardio. 

The cost is significantly lower than most other sports. You’ll need:

  • 3-4 Competition Kettlebells in 2kg increments
  • Lifting shoes
  • Lifting belt (for Long Cycle & Jerk)
  • Chalk
  • Wrist sweatbands
  • A week may consist of:

    • Warmup + KB lifts + GPP  =  90 minutes    3 – 4x per week 
    • Cardio     =      15 – 30 minutes      2 – 3x per week

Education & Achievements


Achievements in Kettlebell Sport

As of 2020, Lorna is a 5-time World Champion, 6-time Master of Sport International Class (MSIC), and holds the female record in the Americas for 24kg Snatch in 10-minute traditional Kettlebell Sport.

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?