Personal Training

Private Lessons with Lorna Kleidman

personal training

What You can expect

My clients span all levels and ages, but I SPECIALIZE in women and men over 40. Why? Because my fitness journey didn’t begin in earnest until my mid-30s, then I got the competing bug in my early forties. Never have I felt better, stronger, more confident, and NEVER have I been injured while training to meet my goals!
  • All sessions are 1 hour
  • Each session is full-body focused, according to your goals
  • Your plan is science-based, not fad-based
  • Online session equipment: We’ll work with what you have at home, plus I’ll suggest items to purchase as necessary
Let me show YOU how to improve your quality of life and meet your objectives, be it weight loss, renewed energy, or getting back to activities you love! Book your FREE 20-minute consultation now!

Here’s What Clients are Saying


Lorna couldn’t be a more talented, smart and professional trainer, she obviously knows her stuff. Since I have been working with her, my form has improved tremendously. Her enthusiasm helps keep me motivated thru our fun yet very challenging sessions. Not only is my body shaping up but my mind is too.

— Heather Graham


While I’m motivated to work out, without Lorna, and her four times weekly Zoom sessions in my calendar, I definitely wouldn’t work out as consistently. And that’s the thing with fitness: consistency is key. She offers so much variety and is always challenging me to try new things. As a result, Lorna has made me stronger mentally, and better prepared to face all kinds of new challenges.It’s helpful to me to learn about what muscles are working during each exercise. Lorna is a fountain of knowledge, and continually educates herself on the latest fitness findings. I have several long-term injuries that Lorna knows well and is helping me overcome. She plans out the day’s routine in advance, but should something not work for me physically on a given day, she’s able to turn on a dime with a new challenge. Lorna is reliable, supportive, kind and professional, and really cares about my well-being. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

— Louise Eliasof

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