3 Habits to Start Each Day

Morning is the time I get the most done. Upon waking I’ve come to follow a routine that’s become fairly automatic:

8 Habits of Highly Successful People

Each individual’s success may be defined differently, but most everyone can agree that is takes thoughtful planning and effort to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Here are 8 habits that offer efficiency in the quest to succeed.

A Detailed Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport (GS), is a highly challenging power-endurance feat of a cyclical nature. Lifters’ success involves technique, flexibility, strength and power, proper breathing patterns, aerobic capacity, stability and mental focus.

Activities for Off Days

Clients and friends often ask, “What should I do on my off days?” I know the feeling; you get the notion that you should be doing something, but in fact it’s not always necessary.

An Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport (GS), is a highly challenging power-endurance feat of a cyclical nature. Lifters’ success involves technique, flexibility, strength, proper

Avoiding the Dangers of a Sedentary Job

As you’ve read or heard by now, an inactive lifestyle and working environment has contributed to the new warning that “sitting is the new smoking.” Recent research sadly suggests that sitting, and of course our indulgence with binge TV watching, is taking months, if not years off our lives, even if we do go to the gym.

Becoming Aware of Fruit’s Sugar Content

Ahhh, summertime! Along with a great exercise routine, quitting or reducing sugar is vitally important if your goals are to look better, feel better, and to increase your overall energy and mood.

Best Protein Sources for Vegans

A few years ago 3 of my close friends simultaneously became vegans. While I’ve cut out many animal foods from my diet, including pork products, I’m far from vegan. But I truly admire what they’re doing and contemplate daily the problems that meat consumption causes to our environment and health, as well as the welfare of animals.

Can I Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is seen as an important part of our healthful lifestyle, even more important than the rest of your daily meals. But the truth is that it’s really not what it’s cracked up to be.

Enhance Your Fitness with Attention to Weak Links

We all tend to settle into a routine of doing what we do best in our fitness routines. After all, it’s the path of least resistance, it feels good, and it gives us a sense of accomplishment. Yet each of us able-bodied fitness enthusiasts have weak areas or skills that could use a little attention from time to time, in order to maintain muscular balance and symmetry, help us move more efficiently and prevent injuries.

Find a Way

A little girl once wished for winter to arrive early. The colder the better, since freezing temps meant the lake at her family’s summer home would be thick with ice and she could finally try out her brand new skates.

Healthy Skin is an Inside Job

Forget the expensive creams and serums, want to know what REALLY makes skin healthy and look beautiful? It’s what you put into your body that counts. Here’s what to avoid and what to thrive on for a glow that will get you compliments.

How did Kettlebells get their Name?

Would you believe it all began with the church? For centuries, church bells were rung through the laborious act of pulling levers that were strung through wheels and attached to the bells.

It’s Your Decision

Over the years many clients and friends have asked me how I keep doing… whatever it is I’m doing, particularly in the realm of training for Kettlebell Sport competitions. I think they imagine that I jump out of bed each morning before the alarm, at the crack of dawn, to go out running, then to the gym for a lifting session and then home for a protein-rich meal. All before 7am!

It’s Your Decision

Over the years many clients and friends have asked me how I keep doing… whatever it is I’m doing, particularly in the realm of training for Kettlebell Sport competitions. I think they imagine that I jump out of bed each morning before the alarm, at the crack of dawn, to go out running, then to the gym for a lifting session and then home for a protein-rich meal. All before 7am!

Journey Toward Hip Replacement – Lorna Kleidman

In June of 2016 I had a full left hip replacement at the age of 50. Many people naturally associate joint replacement surgery with advanced age, but it’s not uncommon to hear stories of younger individuals in their 30s also needing the procedure for various reasons.

Kettlebells Frequently Asked Questions

Kettlebells will create strength without heft, a beautifully balanced symmetry, flexibility and endurance that will translate to other activities like yoga, Pilates, running and other sports.

Kettlebells, for a Fashionable Butt

The readers of VOGUE were recently presented with an article on the ‘Big Bootie Trend’, something that the editors thought a necessary topic since all forms of media have been following the celebrity fixation with larger behinds that make them as famous as their chosen talent.

KettleX Desk Exercises

Having a desk job doesn’t mean you can’t move around every hour or so. Here are some movements that will keep you flexible, energized and productive.

KettleX Workout Ladder

Try this kettlebell ladder for a short but effective workout. Time your set and try to reduce your time when you perform it again!

Late-Night Eating Sabotaging Your Waistline? Not Necessarily…

There’s a message that’s been circulating for years now that you shouldn’t eat after a certain hour, say 7 or 8pm, if you want to avoid gaining weight. But this is nothing more than a misleading myth, for the simple reason that our bodies burn calories even when we’re sleeping.

Napping is the New Norm

Ahhh, the nap. If you partake in napping I’ll bet you don’t boast about it since our society typically views this refreshing break as either something that only children need, a waste of time, and even laziness. Not true!

On a Mission to Quit Sugar!

Today is the 6th day of my no-sugar mission, and so far it’s going well – no headaches, no severe cravings and no tremendous mood swings.

Preventing and Curing a Hangover

Here we are, in the midst of the Holiday Season! Time for friends, family and many more opportunities to drink than usual. And with drinking comes overdrinking, followed by a headache, body aches and the worst of it-nausea.

Qualities of a Good Coach

As Kettlebell Sport grows in popularity, lifters should carefully consider the following qualities before hiring a coach:

Sauna and Cold Plunge

One of my favorite ways to rejuvenate after a workout or on a recovery day is the contrast therapy of heat and cold. Here’s how to proceed:

Should Cardio Be Done Before or After Weights?

This is a very common question that people often ask, and for good reason. I used to do cardio prior to taking fitness classes as a way to warm up my body and prime my lungs since I had very bad asthma. But after a weight lifting session it also felt good to move in rhythmic way and zone out for a while.

Simple Ingredients

Can you tell me where to go for the best pizza in your neighborhood? Sure you can. That’s because you probably don’t know many people who don’t love pizza. Me neither. They may not eat it often because of dietary reasons, but this simple food is noted as one of the most beloved culinary favorite ever, yet “it’s only dough, cheese, and sauce.”

Sleep- THE Great Investment in Your Health

We all know that quality sleep is essential for good health. It’s just no longer trendy to boast about not getting or needing enough ZZZs because you have an insanely busy life. The truth is your life is best served with an adequate amount of sleep each night as it provides your body, mind and spirit with numerous benefits.

Stairway to Fabulous

Whether you’re in the North East where we’re in mid-winter mode, or in a warmer location, stair climbing is an excellent and affordable way to get your cardio, power and endurance. It’s also perfect for great-looking legs and that lifted butt I talk about with KettleX workouts.

Take it Slow

Today’s world often seems like a force-fed sound bite with time limits on everything from Instagram videos to TED talks. Keep it short and snappy, since that’s the way to catch people’s attention. But the inverse it true when it comes to your own attention, your own success

The “Deceleration Effect” of Kettlebells

The bells are the tools that give you MORE for your time and effort. One of the many aspects of using the bells is the “Deceleration Effect” which occurs just by implementing basic Swinging motions.

The Aladdin Factor

Years ago I read a great book called The Aladdin Factor, by Jack Canfield, whose principles I still use today.

The Awful Feeling of Constant Hunger…Here’s Help

Do you ever get ravenous just a few hours after you have a big meal? Do you keep looking in your fridge hoping something you missed will magically appear? Do you need that midnight snack before going to bed? We’re all different, and about a third of us have metabolisms that are higher than average, so that’s normal. But if it’s becoming an issue, then chances are you’re feeling that nagging constant hunger because of something that’s awry in your diet. Let’s discuss…

The Caffeine Nap

We all know it well – that mid-day energy slump. How to you revive yourself? Time for another cup of coffee? Sure, but pairing it with a short nap will make you feel even better!

The Lowdown on Skinny Fat

Skinny fat is a term for those who are not necessarily overweight, but are also not trim. Usually this type of physique possesses high body fat – 24% to 38% – and low muscle tone, so although they look skinny, they may have cellulite, even in the early 20s (I had it!).

The Problem with Branding a Style of Movement

As a Kettlebell sport champion, coach, and the creator of KettleX workouts and education, I’m always eager to learn. In my search for knowledge, I often write out my ideas to sift through and solidify or discard them. I’d like to share recent thoughts inspired by a well-respected instructor and Kettlebell trainer.

The Wonders of an Herbal Face Steam

Have you ever noticed how inhaling the steam from a cup of hot tea or bowl of soup can ease sinus congestion? Here’s a purposeful herbal steam that you can do at home should you need to fight a cough or cold.

Two Favorite Tips for Instant Rejuvenation

Your days are busy with work, kids, your spouse or partner, meetings, deadlines, workouts and myriad other urgent issues. You often don’t have time for the kind of rest that leads to rejuvenation, but here are two of my favorite habits to restore energy during your day –

Using Comparison to your Advantage

One of the many ways we’ve developed as humans is by using the tools of comparison. It’s an inevitable and innate part of our humanity and truly unavoidable.

Variations to the Kettlebell Snatch

The Kettlebell Snatch is quite deceiving; it looks fairly simple, but as any lifter can attest, progressing to heavier loads for prolonged sets can get tricky. Traditional Kettlebell Sport involves a 10-minute set with one hand change, at the pace dictated by the lifter. Slight adjustments to technique can make a significant difference in endurance and efficiency, allowing the lifter to get better results.

Video: KettleX Mini Warmup

Use this sample full-body warmup as your template. Increase the reps of each move to 10 or 12, and feel free to add your own favorites moves!

Weight Loss Tips to Ignore

1. Always Eat Breakfast Don’t force yourself to eat in the morning just because you’ve heard that it will boost your metabolism after sleeping all

What is KettleX Yoga?

KettleX Yoga is a unique yoga-based workout and certification course utilizing one light Kettlebell to enhance stability, endurance, focus, balance and lean muscle.

What to do Once You’ve Overdone It

While we enjoy the last weeks of summer we often also want to undo the “damage” of the typical excesses- cocktails, guacamole, BBQs… I’m with you on this.

Why I Rarely Step on a Scale

Oh the dreaded scale, it still seems to be the main arbiter of men and women who are in the process of getting or remaining fit, yet there are other ways to witness success in a more well-rounded manner than just measuring total body weight.