What to do Once You’ve Overdone It

What to do Once You’ve Overdone It


While we enjoy the last weeks of summer we often also want to undo the “damage” of the typical excesses- cocktails, guacamole, BBQs… I’m with you on this. Sometimes we eat too much or go to town on a carton of ice cream that should have been eaten from a small bowl instead, and immediately begin thinking of how to undo the damage from the chow-fest.

Here’s help-

Don’t Binge Exercise

Taking on a “damage control” approach after over-indulging is not the way to go since it makes exercise into a form of punishment. Doing extra workouts as a result of eating too much essentially treats exercise as a pittance for enjoying food, as if you were “bad” for over-doing it. Working out shouldn’t be a form of punishment.

Don’t Fast All Day

Fasting after overeating raises the risk of creating a nasty binging-fasting cycle and can actually make you hungrier so that you subsequently overeat. An all-day fast may also alter your metabolism, slowing its natural calorie-burning capacity. If you’re not hungry upon waking, then skip breakfast, then have a salad with some protein at lunch.

Instead try this –

Hydrate and Hydrate Some More

Water will be your best friend on the day after you overeat as it will help you digest and feel full.

Remember the Feeling

Enjoying an indulgence is great while it’s going on, but often feels lousy soon after. Especially if the indulgence are on combinations of alcohol, sugars, processed or fried foods. Take a mental note of how you feel when that discomfort sets it, and file it in your mind. It will help you for scale back a bit next time.

Move On

Each of us has days when we over-indulge, and no one is immune.

Know that your fitness and weight goals will not be sabotaged from one

episode of over-eating, just be aware that they’re not turning into weekly binges. Let it go and breathe. Adjust your focus to positive thoughts and actions that empower you.

Best, Lorna

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?