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Nathalie is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, an Apeiron Academy Epigenetic Coach and a member of the first graduating class of Bulletproof Training Institute.

Many people think peptides are synthetic steroids. Can you explain how they are different?

They could not be more different – steroids are essentially growth agents that override the body’s natural systems of checks and balances, peptides are signaling molecules that trigger cascades of pathways in a targeted fashion that can support various mechanisms, from the release of the body’s own hormones to repair of tissues, reduced inflammation etc…. Steroids by definition drive “growth” peptides are more nuanced and varied in their actions – they can initiate repair mechanisms, they can balance the immune system, they can support the release of the body’s own hormones (like growth hormone, melatonin etc…) but these are not synthetic hormones they are natural to the body so our bodies recognize them and can respond more appropriately to them.

What are the benefits of peptide use & also for healthy aging?  

Peptides can help the body to repair and restore itself, certain peptides (like Bioregulator Peptides) can help to restore normal function to glands (thymus, pineal, adrenal, thyroid), tissues (cartilage, blood vessels etc) and organs (heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas etc…) – I would consider this to be a major anti (or healthy)-aging strategy

Peptides can also help to speed up healing of injuries, reduce inflammation and in some cases may help with sleep and digestion.  There are also peptides that can support a healthy immune response.

Peptides are also being researched for how they can help to treat several diseases like neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, MS and many others – probably pretty much any condition you can think of.

What are the most common conditions peptides can treat?  

They can be used to speed up healing, to correct metabolic imbalances, there are peptides that can help to reduce inflammation, improve immune function, improve body composition (yes, I mean fat loss)….the peptide bioregulators it seems can also initiate rejuvenation which I think we can all agree would be an important piece of aging well (or dare we say even anti-aging)

Are there any side effects?  

There can be side effects with any compound we introduce into the body but for the most part peptides tend to be well tolerated, in the case of Bioregulator Peptides the risk of side effects is even lower….

Who would not be a candidate to use peptides?  

Tough question – for sure anyone with an active cancer (unless under the supervision of a trained doctor)….people with a history of cancer probably should also exercise caution with certain peptides so I’d emphasize again working with a trained health professional.  People with autoimmune issues, Lyme infections etc may respond erratically to different peptides although they can be very helpful so again, under the guidance of a trained health professional/medical doctor.

Are there any peptides that can be taken in pill form instead of injection?  

More and more yes….while many peptides need to be administered by subcutaneous injection there are an increasing number that are available orally (Integrative Peptides ), and also the Bioregulator Peptides can all be purchased in oral form.  There are also peptides that can be used intranasally.

Oh, that’s good! Is a prescription needed?  

For the Bioregulator Peptides no because they are basically categorized as “food supplements” but for the more conventional peptides that people talk about if one wants to get them from a compounding pharmacy then yes, you need a prescription.

Where would one get peptides?  

Compounding Pharmacies if working with a doctor or (if one is taking matters into their own hands ) then a good quality research Lab such as Canlabsciences.com or Peptide Sciences.com

REALLY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER:  Peptides are incredibly powerful and helpful – however – they cannot make up for poor diet and lifestyle habits…to get the best results possible from peptides it is critical to understand your “landscape”, address imbalances at least while introducing peptides – it’s a good idea at the very least initially to get some guidance in all these areas to get the best results from your investment and efforts.

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