Best Ways to Reinvigorate Your Day

1- Get up and move! Walk around the office space or look away from your computer screen while doing your office workout

2- Go outside. Get some possible sunshine and much needed fresh air for a few minutes.

3- Avoid multi-tasking. Focus on one, perhaps two at most, items to complete instead of juggling numerous issues. Juggling numerous items at once drains your mental energy causing you unnecessary stress. 

4- Put on some tunes. Listening to your favorite music will bring about a surge of energy and endorphins.


5- Look at photos or quotes from someone who inspires you.

6- Turn off your ringers, alerts and other sounds that aren’t necessary for the day at hand.

7- Take a power nap. As little as 10 minutes can reboot your brain.

8- Drink some java or tea. Caffeine in moderation is good for you.


9- Play a brain game on Lumosity, proven to stimulate your mental speed, flexibility, problem solving skills and memory.

10- Eat a healthful snack. Many of these you can bring to work with you including nuts, seeds, berries with plain yogurt, an apple, hard boiled egg, turkey slices with ½ an avocado.


11- Put the lights on. A light therapy box mimics outdoor light and helps with mood, depression and sleep disorders in the fall and winter months.

12- Change your socks, shoes or both. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing this can be.

13- Breathe. Sitting or standing, take a few long breaths into your belly, trying to expand your entire ribcage as wide as possible. Go ahead and yawn too, your brain needs the oxygen.

14- Wash your face or arms with cold water for quick refreshment.

15- Swing your Kettlebell! Just a couple of sets of swings is all it takes to get heart pumping, leaving you with renewed energy.  Try to get them in every hour if possible.

16- Get a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep will reduce stress and give you more stamina for the day ahead. 

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