Kettlebells Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What are the benefits of using kettlebells?

They are numerous, but in brief: Whether you’re a woman or man, the bells will help morph your shape into a lean, gorgeous figure: a tight, lifted butt, flat abs and a strong spine that denotes confidence.

Kettlebells will create strength without heft, a beautifully balanced symmetry, flexibility and endurance that will translate to other activities like yoga, Pilates, running and other sports.

Whether your goal is to train for a triathlon, jog up a hill without having to slow down, look great naked, turn heads in a dress, get bigger or get smaller, kettlebells can get you to realize your goal, it’s all in the way they’re used.

2.    What is a KettleX class like?

KettleX classes are open to every level since all moves are modifiable. You will be expected to bring your best, but we don’t scream at you through a microphone. Instead, we believe in transformation through movement, music and hard work that’s fun to do.

We start with a thorough full-body warmup and progress into basic and then more complex movements – some timed, some performed by reps, but always different and always challenging. You will not be performing the same-old bell movements in this class, I assure you!

3.    Which muscles are worked in a typical KettleX class?

KettleX classes are carefully designed to address each aspect of the body through various movement patterns. You’ll recruit both fast and slow-twitch muscles, incorporating strength, endurance and of course, a pumping heart-rate!

Each session will leave you feeling completely balanced.

4. I’ve never used bells before, how will I keep up?

KettleX is designed to that make the moves clear and  easy. Each of the movements are cued so you know how to perform them. In addition, we watch and make sure each student is using proper form for the most effective results.

5. How often should I attend KettleX class in order to  see results?

A minimum of two classes per week, plus one or two days on your own is best. You can follow along with the workouts on the video page.

6. How do I determine the proper weight to use in class?

Your KettleX instructor will help you choose the best weight(s) depending on the workout and your level of fitness.

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?