Weight Loss Tips to Ignore

1. Always Eat Breakfast

Don’t force yourself to eat in the morning just because you’ve heard that it will boost your metabolism after sleeping all night. Truth is it’s just not necessary, especially if you’re not hungry or aren’t working out in the morning. Evidence has shown that eating or avoiding breakfast has little to do with weight loss. If you wake up hungry, then by all means enjoy breakfast with a good amount of protein. And if you do a morning workout with weights, like Kettlebells then have breakfast for energy, but otherwise feel free to skip it.

2. Take on a Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses have been all the rage in the past few years with celebrities and models touting the benefits of losing up to 10 lbs in 7-9 days. Research says, “Eh…”, because while weight loss is evident, so is muscle loss, and the effects are sure to be short-lived. Moreover, juices are high in sugar and low in protein and fiber, which our bodies need for strength, appetite satiety and proper digestive functions.

3. Perform Long Cardio Sessions

We know that cardiovascular exercise is excellent for your heart and can help reduce stress. However, it’s not a dependable method for weight loss since individual results vary greatly and long cardio without weights can lead to ‘skinny-fat’ syndrome. The best approach for overall fitness is combining and strength within your workouts.

4. Eat Every 2–3 Hours

The idea that your metabolism remains stoked by eating may small meals throughout the day is a myth. If you consume the same number of calories in two meals versus seven meals, there’s no difference in calories burned between the two groups.

Controlled studies have shown that eating many small meals does not result in greater weight loss, compared to eating fewer meals within the day.

5. Solely Focusing on Calories

While a calorie deficit is necessary for weight loss, calorie intake is only one part of the story. The bigger picture involves the types of food you eat and how they affect your hormones and hunger. The kind of calorie your body gets affects the way your body burns it. For example, snacking on refined carbs such as pretzels can raise blood sugar levels, thereby leading to hunger and overeating. By replacing the pretzels with an egg, cottage cheese or protein shake, you’ll have a sense of satiety and fuel your system properly. Instead of counting calories, make sure each meal includes 1 or 2 servings of vegetables on the plate, a small portion of carbs, and a larger protein source.

Best, Lorna

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