Simple Ways to Make Life Less Complicated

One of the biggest benefits of living a full life is the no-nonsense approach that comes with experience. Here are the main elements I’ve found that keep life from becoming overwhelming and enjoy more moments.

Stay present
There are many ways to do this and it’s mainly about paying attention to ‘time-traveling’ or getting ahead of yourself when worry or even regret take hold. Breathe, feel your feet grounded and try to find a grateful heart as often as possible. This also applies to your workout time: be present with yourself, feel how today is different, how you’re making progress and the excitement of challenging yourself.

Give or throw away anything you haven’t worn in the past year.
Unless it’s a piece that you’re saving for your child or someone else’s, toss it!
It feels great to be rid of garments, jewelry, shoes or bags that take up space yet a never used. I promise you’ll feel liberated!

Don’t get consumed as a consumer
All the lights, colors, designs, promotions and temptations of any shopping trip are scientifically studied and formulated to separate you from your money. Don’t get caught up! Shopping can be a fun and exciting as an experience unto itself, but that experience doesn’t come with you after you purchase an item or two. Focus mainly on what you need and in lesser instances what you want.

Start it
Those ‘future’ projects you’ve been considering starting?
Put the plan in motion NOW, however slight. Talk about it, read about it, ask those in the know. There is no someday.

Decide what issues are worth your concerned
Here’s a conclusion helper: Will the issue in question still be an important in 5 years?
If so, then deal with it. If not, let it go.

Limit complaints
Every complaint requires your energy, which on a daily basis is limited.
Practice choosing your battles.

Allow yourself be awkward in front of others
Seriously, no one minds if you flub a word, forget someone’s name or make a mistake.
We’re all in this life together. All that matters is that you’re not offensive and your intentions are good.

Create a ritual 2 hours before bedtime: lower the lights, turn off the computer and commit to not checking your emails. Any communications can wait for the morning.
Preparing for quality sleep is more important.

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?