Sleep- THE Great Investment in Your Health

We all know that quality sleep is essential for good health. It’s just no longer trendy to boast about not getting or needing enough ZZZs because you have an insanely busy life. The truth is your life is best served with an adequate amount of sleep each night as it provides your body, mind and spirit with numerous benefits.  

1. Overall Health

When you get the recommended seven to 8 hours nightly, you strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. How cool is that?! Chronic sleep deficiency and higher levels of inflammation are both linked to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Lack of sleep also makes you more prone to high blood pressure and kidney disease, whereas inflammation also increases your chances of arthritis and premature aging.

2. Skin and Eyes

Most of us will notice the lack of sleep on our faces in next morning with puffy eyes, dark circles, and dull looking skin. You’re also more susceptible to breakouts and redness. Lack of sleep can also lead to skin dehydration and with less moisture in the skin wrinkles are more likely. Sleep deficiency also typically leads to stress which results in the release of higher levels of the hormone cortisol. Large amounts of cortisol result in the break down of collagen, the protein that keeps skin looking young. 

3. Weight Loss 

If your goal is to lose weight, a lack of sleep can make the loss of unwanted pounds more difficult since it slows the metabolism and contributes to muscle atrophy which interferes with your workouts and other physical activities.

4. Happiness

Ongoing sleep deprivation definitely affects moods. Did you know that thus is one of the important reasons for lower levels of happiness among United States citizens. Researchers report that a chronic lack of sleep is becoming a public health issue.

5.  Decision Making and Memory

A good night’s sleep is vital for brain functioning, including better decision making in your waking hours and information processing as you sleep. Adequate sleep also improves memory, in fact, while you sleep you can practice new skills, whether they are mental or physical, which you learned while awake.

Without the right amount of sleep on a regular basis, you’re more vulnerable to health problems, mood swings and lower brain functioning. A good night’s rest is required for a happier and healthier life. Enjoy it!

Best, Lorna

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