KettleX Desk Exercises

Having a desk job doesn’t mean you can’t move around every hour or so. Here are some movements that will keep you flexible, energized and productive –

Out of the chair –

Wrist stretch – place hands on the desk, palms down, fingers facing you. Try to bend your elbows, gently. This is an excellent stretch if you spend a lot of time on the keyboard.  Hold 20-30 seconds

Spinal mobility – stand with knees soft. Let head drop, chin to chest. Slowly roll down thru spine with arms hanging and loose. Take 2 deep breath at the bottom of the stretch, roll up slowly on an exhale.  5-8 times

Jumping Jacks – try to keep arms straight.  As many as you can in 30 seconds

Heel-to-butt kicks – engage the hamstrings. 20 each leg

Air jump rope – use any foot pattern you like 1 minute

Pushups – modified, hands on desk a bit wider than shoulder width.      Keep abs and butt tight as you bend elbows, and push straight. Try to touch chest to desk. As many as you can with good form

For the more advanced – perform pushups on the floor, or hold plank position for 30 seconds or more.

Arm circles – Arms straight out to your sides, large circles 15 each direction

Leg kick-back – Hands on desk for balance, extend one leg straight behind you, then lower (think of kick boxing). Squeeze your butt as you lift.  15 each leg

Calf stretch – with fingertips on wall for balance, place the forefoot on the wall, with heel as close to wall as possible.  Gently lean into the stretching leg. Remove shoes for best results.  Hold 20 seconds each leg

Stairs – Take the stairs when entering or leaving the building. When going up, take two at a time.

Walk – If time allows, walk during your breaks and lunch.

Bring a Kettlebell to work! It’s easy and effective –

Follow along with these videos

In the chair –

Neck mobility – Gently turn head right and left,  then tilt ear to shoulders right and left   6 each way

Shoulder rolls – Forward, up and back (really pull shoulders up as if you’re trying to touch earlobes), then back, up and forward.  8 each way

Arm reach – with arms straight and at shoulder height, open the palms so they’re facing out. Pulse arms behind you, squeezing  Shoulder blades together.  30 pulses

Trunk stretch – Hold onto the bottom of the chair with Left hand, reach  Right arm up and over to the Left. Other side.  5 deep breaths on each side

Ankle circles –  with leg straight  8 each way

Wrist circles – 8 each way

Eye drills – These eye movements are terrific for your vision as well as keeping you alert when you need a pick-me-up.
Hold each ‘look’ 2-3 seconds, 10 times each move.

–    Look down, look up
–    Look Left, look Right
–    Look at a near object, look at a far object
–    Look to opposite corners
–    Mix up these patterns as you wish

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?