KettleX Double Arm Swing Ladder

Short on time? Here’s a quick but effective KB series.

Log your time and try reduce your rests each time you perform this series.

Let me know how you do!

Weight recommendation-
Women use a 15-25lb bell
Men use a 25-40lb bell

Low Jacks- Hands on head, open & close legs, knees remain bent

    1)    30 seconds  Swings into  15 seconds  Pushups                        
    2)    40 seconds  Swings into  20 seconds  Mtn Climber                          
    3)    50 seconds  Swings into  25 seconds  Burpee                                           
    4)    60 seconds  Swings into  30 seconds  Low Jacks                                 
    5)    60 seconds  Swings into  30 seconds  Low Jacks                               
    6)    50 seconds  Swings into  25 seconds  Burpee                                        
    7)    40 seconds  Swings into  20 seconds  Mtn Climber                          
    8)    30 seconds  Swings into  15 seconds  Pushup                        

 Total Time = 9:00 + Plus transition time between moves

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?