Why I Rarely Step on a Scale

Oh the dreaded scale, it still seems to be the main arbiter of men and women who are in the process of getting or remaining fit, yet there are other ways to witness success in a more well-rounded manner than just measuring total body weight.

I hear folks choose a random number for scale-weigh loss only to get frustrated when it takes longer than expected, and for some the scale just doesn’t budge at all. Yet after a few weeks their silhouette is smaller, body fat is reduced and they have more energy. So what’s the deal?

If you’re 25 or more pounds overweight, a scale will give a precise way to measure your progress week to week. But keep in mind the health and aesthetic benefits that weight workouts like KettleX offer- fat loss, lean muscle, strength, enhanced endurance, posture and stability. So using the scale alone is not going to give you the full picture of your success.

Here are other ways to see and feel your results-

1- Weekly Photos

Now don’t be shy, these are just for you, at least until you’re ready to show off your bod! Take a photo each week in the same or similar clothes and the same location for best comparison. Seeing ourselves in a mirror can be deceiving since as we change, we forget how we looked previously. Photos are easy to compare. If possible, get a friend or partner to take front and back shots, being sure to notes the dates on each. 

2- The Fit of Your Clothes

Losing fat is the key to body morphing. When you lose fat, you’ll immediately feel a difference in the way your clothes fit, even shirts and jackets. Keep in mind that tight pants may feel tighter the day after a hard workout session because of the slight inflammatory effect, but not to worry! Try them again in a couple of days.

3- Measure

Using a measuring tape is easy providing you measure the same locations each time – thigh, upper arm, waist at the navel and hips at widest aspect. Just as with the photos, keep a journal of dates and results.

4- Accept compliments

Others will notice when you’re making progress, enjoy the acknowledgment of your efforts!

Keep in mind that your body weight and composition will naturally fluctuate due to hormonal changes, water weight, sleep and stress levels. Each day brings another opportunity to be your best. Keep moving and enjoy the process!

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?