Myth: The More You Sweat = The More Fat You Burn

A fitness class in a warm room or run on a hot day doesn’t necessarily equate with more calories or fat burned, unfortunately. It would seem that the body’s release of sweat would be an indication of fat melting away – it sure does feel like that when you’re breathing heavy, your mouth is dry, and you’re thinking about that post-workout shake. But alas… it’s simply not true.

Sweating is one of the body’s many brilliant mechanisms. Its purpose is to regulate internal temperature and prevent the body from overheating. Some people sweat or “perspire” more than others, depending on the number of sweat glands one has. Other factors that affect sweating are air temperature, humidity, genetics, medications and medical conditions involving those of the thyroid, menopause, and obesity.

The best ways to assess the effectiveness your workouts is by your heart rate, intensity, talk test, and calories burned from a combination of sessions that include cardio, endurance and strength. For cardio and intensity, know your max heart rate by using this equation: 206.9 – (0.67 x age). Such specific numbers, right?! Your goal should be to maintain intensity within the 75-90% of your max. The talk test will let you know immediately if you’re working hard or not. If you have the ability to speak in full sentences, you’re in the latter group. Lastly, use your heart rate monitor to determine an estimate for calories burned.

These methods will keep you true to your goals, regardless of whether you sweat or not.

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Best, Lorna

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