Avoid Holiday Havoc…Because Feeling Great is Better Than Overeating Great Food

Avoid Holiday Havoc…Because Feeling Great is Better Than Overeating Great Food

The holiday season is underway, with comfort foods luring each of us with their tempting aromas and the promise of satisfying flavors. Here are 11 ways to keep yourself in check over the coming weeks.

– Drink wine instead of cocktails. Juices and mixers contain too many calories and sugar to warrant consumption when the food is so good

– Drink water with your meal, especially if you’re drinking alcohol

– Eat protein-based forkful prior to any carb-based food. This approach will help stabilizing blood sugar, leaving you feeling satiated more quickly 

– If possible,use lower-calorie ingredients for preparing side dishes. For example, use low-fat dairy instead of whole and reduce the use of sugar in desserts.

– Decide prior to the event which one you’ll have:

  • Bread, alcohol or a dessert. If you choose to have only one, you’ll
  • have fulfilled an agreement with yourself, and reduced your overall caloric intake by the hundreds. 

– Reduce carbs on non-workout days. On these days, eat plenty of lean protein, veggies, healthful fats and as usual, water. But reduce or eliminate the starches and carbs- no potatoes, rice or bread. Save the energy foods for workout days, especially during the holidays!

– Fill up half of your first-serving plate with salad and vegetables like green beans, carrots, cauliflower or broccoli.

– Split your dessert. Ask your partner, friend or family member if they’d like to share with you, they’ll be happy you asked.

– If you’re the host, pick up extra containers to give your leftovers away, especially the potatoes, stuffing and desserts.

– Increase the intensity of your weight workouts by including Kettlebell swings, jumping rope, squat jumps, burpees or high knees to any of your weighted sets.

– Go a bit easier on yourself. Understand that you’re not going to lose weight during this time, so enjoy, knowing you’ll be back on track in January.

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?