Simple Ingredients

Simple Ingredients, Sophisticated Application

Can you tell me where to go for the best pizza in your neighborhood? Sure you can. That’s because you probably don’t know many people who don’t love pizza. Me neither. They may not eat it often because of dietary reasons, but this simple food is noted as one of the most beloved culinary favorite ever, yet “it’s only dough, cheese, and sauce.”

Ahhh, but is it? When you bite into pizza, it’s an experience! It’s delicious, it has texture, chewiness, savoriness, it’s comforting and satisfying. All this with simple ingredients. Yet it’s high quality ingredients that make pizza the perfect flavor delivery system. What’s more, it can be enjoyed hot, cold or anywhere in between, right?!

At first glace, KettleX® Yoga appears to be predictable: ‘yoga with a kettlebell’

In fact those are the ingredients, the dough, cheese, and sauce of the workout. But it’s the high quality movement flow that makes this workout the perfect delivery system for amplifying a yoga flow.

Developed by Lorna Kleidman and Mary Horne, The ingredients are simple, but it’s the application that makes it sophisticated, satisfying and memorable, with options for all levels.

Join us for a *one-day certification course in NYC!

This certification course is for yoga instructors and fitness professionals who have taken Vinyasa classes consistently for a minimum of one year.

*Practical via video submission after course date

KettleX Yoga is right for your students or facility

…even if they’re new to yoga

…even if they’re not flexible

….even if they don’t lift weights

….even if they are body builders, athletes or grandparents!

  • When: Saturday, Sept. 24th: 10am-5pm
  • Where: JCC Manhattan, 5th Floor
  • Instructors: Mary Horne and Lorna Kleidman
  • Materials Needed: Towel, pen, snacks, and a beverage 

Accreditation through ACE and NASM 

Space is limited, register TODAY.

Questions? Email Lorna HERE.

Best, Lorna

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