It’s Your Decision

Over the years many clients and friends have asked me how I keep doing… whatever it is I’m doing, particularly in the realm of training for Kettlebell Sport competitions. I think they imagine that I jump out of bed each morning before the alarm, at the crack of dawn, to go out running, then to the gym for a lifting session and then home for a protein-rich meal. All before 7am!

Nope. That’s not me at all. In fact, they’d be surprised to know how much sleep I need, have always needed, and how I negotiate my day so its energy requirements are fulfilled without draining mine. Truth is, I don’t always want to train. But I do it anyway because stopping for a few days only makes me feel worse, mentally and physically. I know you can relate to this. I know you never regret the lifting session, the date with your yoga mat, the meditation or the jog, no matter how short they may be. 

The great George Gershwin said that if he waited for inspiration, he would compose at most three songs a year.

This decision is always yours… and only yours! Don’t let circumstances or blame get in the way of your dedicated time. Make the decision to embrace the things that work for you, the things that will make you feel good in the long run, not just those that serve today. Waiting for the motivation is putting the cart before the horse; motivation comes to those who are already moving, creating, imagining and putting themselves in the environment to reach their goals, step-by-step. That’s where the feel-good resides!

There is no perfect time, no perfect partner or situation. Visualize your role model, the person whom you imagine ‘gets it done’. Do you see them waiting or do they move forward, slowly but steadily toward what they desire? See it, see them. Let their spark light you up to get what you want. Decide on your plan and move on it!

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?