Two Favorite Tips for Instant Rejuvenation

Your days are busy with work, kids, your spouse or partner, meetings, deadlines, workouts and myriad other urgent issues. You often don’t have time for the kind of rest that leads to rejuvenation, but here are two of my favorite habits to restore energy during your day –

  1. Change your socks. If you know your day is going to be a long one, pack an extra pair with you and change mid-day. You’ll be surprised how refreshing it feels! If you’re wearing shoes without socks, take a Handi-Wipe to your feet, it will feel equally good. 

  2. Keep mints with you at all times. I’m partial to the Listerine pocket packs because they’re strong and instantly give you the boost you need. 


Do you have your own super-fast tips for daily rejuvenation?  Please share them! 

Best, Lorna 

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