Watching TV Has Never Been So Good For Your Waistline!

Here’s a fun way to get your fitness basics done, while watching your favorite show! Print out and read through this list, performing the exercises when indicated. Utilize at least one hour of airtime.

What you’ll need – Digital clock, mat

During the Program

If characters hug or kiss – Squat Jumps – 30 sec

If there’s a physical fight – Straight-arm Plank, touch hand to opposite shoulder, alternating – 45 sec

If someone gets arrested – Alternating Split Lunge Jump – 45 sec

Any time a door opens: front/back door, bedroom/bath, closet door– “Superman” – 45 sec Lie face down. Raise arms and legs off the floor. Hold each lift – 3 sec 

If someone takes a drink of alcohol or beer – Kick Heels to Butt – 60 sec

If someone starts to cry- Alternating Lateral Lunges – 45 sec

During the Commercials

If there’s a car in the scene – Fast Squats – 30 sec

If there’s a dog in the scene – Hold Forearm side plank – 30 sec (each side)

If both car & dog in the scene – Burpee with Pushup & Jump – 45 sec

If it’s for medication – Pushup 30 sec If it’s for makeup – Jumping Jacks – 60 sec

If it’s for yogurt – Reverse Crunch – 45 sec

Let me know how you do!

Best, Lorna

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?