The Caffeine Nap

We all know it well – that mid-day energy slump. How to you revive yourself? Time for another cup of coffee? Sure, but pairing it with a short nap will make you feel even better!

Studies show that combining caffeine with a short nap can be a better, more effective way to get you energized again. Researcher tested sleep-deprived subjects in driving simulators and found that the caffeine nap improved their driving performance and reduced sleepiness better than other approaches like exposure to cold air or a break with no nap.

So, when you’re starting to feel sluggish, drink a cup of coffee, then lean back in a chair or lie down and relax, letting yourself drift into a mild sleep. This process works since the short nap helps clear the brain of the sleep-inducing chemical adenosine. Caffeine, meanwhile, takes about 20 minutes to be absorbed by the body, so when you get up, you’re ready to go!