Preventing and Curing a Hangover

Preventing and Curing a Hangover

Here we are, in the midst of the Holiday Season! Time for friends, family and many more opportunities to drink than usual. And with drinking comes overdrinking, followed by a headache, body aches and the worst of it-nausea. 

Here are the best tips for preventing and overcoming a hangover. 

Before the celebration

– If possible, eat a combination of protein and healthful carbs such as sweet potato or brown rice. This will help absorb the alcohol. 

– Take a multivitamin to support your system 

– Decide what you’re going to drink, preferably wine or cocktails without mixers.

This includes eliminating tonic water. 


At the event

– Double up on your drinking by sipping water along with your alcohol beverage

– Avoid champagne. All those bubbles can cause alcohol to be absorbed more quickly, leading to headaches and hangovers.


Once home

– Keep drinking that water, preferably coconut water or sports drinks 

– Take a multivitamin to restore what the alcohol depletes


Waking up

– Water and more water before the coffee

– Drink apple or cranberry juice to replenish energy and rid the body of excess alcohol

– If you’re feeling ill, sip on some ginger or peppermint tea 


 Time to eat

– Go for eggs. They’re full of amino acids that will help the liver. Add avocado and spinach or other veggies.

– Toast up some bread or munch on crackers to absorb the alcohol. Add a bit of honey on top.


Get going

– Get outside and walk, bringing water with you 

– Breathe deeply to oxygenate the brain  


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