Find a Way

A little girl once wished for winter to arrive early. The colder the better, since freezing temps meant the lake at her family’s summer home would be thick with ice and she could finally try out her brand new skates.

So many weeks passed, it felt like a lifetime. But finally, it was January, the perfect month to venture to the cozy home where the lake awaited her.

Upon arriving, she promptly greeted the icy lake, vast and untouched, but fully covered with snow. Snow so thick, so much of it.  So unfair. Oh well, there would be no skating this weekend, she was told.

This cold, perfect weekend was not going to pass without this experience, though. Not a chance. Into the closet she went, pulling out the largest broom she could find, then proceeded to sweep and sweep, until a small area of ice was revealed.

Just for her.

Desire, determination and finding the way made for one of the most memorable times in her childhood.

So, just when you think it’s hopeless, grab your broom,  do what you need to do. Find a way.

How would it feel to be Strong, Leaner, and more confident in your body?