While I’m motivated to work out, without Lorna, and her four times weekly Zoom sessions in my calendar, I definitely wouldn’t work out as consistently.  And that’s the thing with fitness: consistency is key. She offers so much variety and is always challenging me to try new things. As a result, Lorna has made me stronger mentally, and better prepared to face all kinds of new challenges.
It’s helpful to me to learn about what muscles are working during each exercise. Lorna is a fountain of knowledge, and continually educates herself on the latest fitness findings.  I have several long-term injuries that Lorna knows well and is helping me overcome. She plans out the day’s routine in advance, but should something not work for me physically on a given day, she’s able to turn on a dime with a new challenge. Lorna is reliable, supportive, kind and professional, and really cares about my well-being. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Louise Eliasof


I hate to say “Senior” to Lorna, because her skill in Girevoy Sport FAR exceeds my own. I never had a desire to compete in the sport, but Lorna did. (And she took it to the absolutely highest level you can achieve–setting records in the process and becoming the first person in the states to do so!)

I am, however, humbled enough to say that KettleBell Concepts has had a part in helping train this two-time world champion (and Level 1 KBC Instructor!) Lorna’s dedication to kettlebell training is second to none. She works exceptionally well with women and helps them break down the various misconceptions that exist not only around kettlebell training, but resistance training in general. (And they are STILL out there!)

The era of the “drill instructor” fitness professional is, thank God, over. You want a highly trained, highly qualified professional who knows when to push, when to listen, when to back off, and when to push some more. Additionally, very few people can balance their own competitive drives and ambitions with the needs and wants of the average client. I am quite convinced that–in part no doubt due to her years of experience and incredible training in body work–Lorna is able to manage these two extremes (and they are extremes) very, very well.

Seek Lorna out. It will absolutely be worth your time.

Dave Ganulin, CEO Kettlebell Concepts


I began Lorna’s class with very little upper body strength. After just 8 weeks, I was absolutely shocked at how much stronger I had become. As a woman, I had always thought strength training meant endless bicep curls with little 5lb dumbbells. Well, I can now swing a 35lb kettlebell and I am getting results that I didn’t think were possible. Not only is my body getting tighter, but my posture and energy levels are improving, too. It is very empowering and exiting to see the changes in my body with each passing week. Lorna is an excellent teacher who inspires us to push our limits in every workout. I always look forward to her class and always leave feeling that I have given it my all. She gives her trainees great personalized attention and ensures that everyone gives it their all safely. It’s great that Lorna takes the time to explain the proper form and function of each exercise so that we learn a skill set in addition to getting a killer work out. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious…thanks to Lorna, I am totally hooked on kettlebells!

Leslie Hirsch


Lorna couldn’t be a more talented, smart and professional trainer, she obviously knows her stuff. Since I have been working with her, my form has improved tremendously. Her enthusiasm helps keep me motivated thru our fun yet very challenging sessions. Not only is my body shaping up but my mind is too.

Heather Graham


I began training with Lorna about 10 weeks after I had a baby girl and couldn’t wait to get the baby weight off.

I simply wanted to fit into my jeans again and to get my body toned. Lorna told me that within a few weeks I would be wearing my jeans and feeling great but I still had my doubts. The amazing thing is that Lorna was right! It took about 2 weeks of training hard and learning the art of the kettlebell to help me to reach my first goal. I have continued training with the kettlebells and everyday my endurance increases and I am getting stronger. Thanks to Lorna and the kettlebell I am well on my way to getting my pre-pregnancy body back!

Lauren Sacks


Kettlebells are your ticket to a hot body and Lorna Kleidman will show you how. Lorna Kleidman is a two-time kettlebell world champion and pioneer of kettlebell fitness for women. She leads classes and private training sessions in Manhattan and has even authored a guide to her kettlebell workout program called, “Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women”.

I popped into Lorna’s class to find out how women are shape-shifting to kettlebells. I found myself in good company, with a mix of women who attend class weekly to enhance their muscle tone and maintain a feminine physique. The class works with kettlebells ranging from 5 to 25 pounds and Lorna helped me select a kettlebell based on my fitness level. We stretched, warmed-up, and then engaged in 55 minutes of pure kettlebell exercise. Kettlebell moves include a lot of lifting and swinging motion that’s actually quite fun. C’mon, who doesn’t like to swing?

Initially, the lifting/swinging movement feels wobbly because of the kettlebell’s bottom heavy shape and weight displacement. But that’s normal and works to your advantage. Your body learns to stabilize throughout the exercise by engaging your core, arms and legs for a total body workout.

Lorna’s class is energizing and unlike other fitness programs because the kettlebell allows for three-dimensional movement that increases flexibility, range of motion, reaction time and speed. Her class delivers a balance of strength, cardio and endurance training that will jump-start your body for the day.

Lorna is the only woman with a class of this kind in Manhattan. She keeps her classes small to ensure proper instruction and will break down exercises step by step for class newbies to follow along. Her kettlebell workout is challenging and yet so easy to jump right into. You’ll be amazed by how quickly class time flies and you’ll swing into the best shape of your life.

Bianca Taxman


I’m relatively new to kettlebells, maybe 2 weeks in. I’ve always been a lazy person who hated exercise, and kettlebells are something I look forward to. I searched around for a week or so, debating about buying a workout DVD or deciding between a few books, and after reading many reviews I decided on this one, plus you can’t beat $10 for a book! I was not disappointed. It has a great introduction to how she got started and the benefits she gets, plus a brief story on the history kettlebells. Then great illustrations of many kettlebell exercises, and 3 different workout plans so you can progress to something more challenging as you get more fit. Very clear and concise. I’m very pleased I picked this book. It’s amazing how much your heart rate goes up with just a few swings of the kettlebells, what a great workout!



I absolutely loved Lorna’s kettlebell classes. 10 years after playing competitive college sports, Lorna’s classes have given me an intense motivation while appealing to my desire to exercise fluidly and gracefully. Lorna is somehow highly motivating as well as mindfully gentle. Her energy and passion for kettlebells is infectious!

Molly Venter


I would like to thank you for your wonderful book. It has completely changed the way I view fitness and I am stronger than ever, at almost 43 years old.

Kelley Keatly


This is a book that is easy to read, great pictures with “how to do” details about each exercise. There are 3 program levels that last 6 weeks each. I started the week of Thanksgiving 2009. The workouts are hard enough to keep your heart rate in the fat burning to cardio range and with the warm-up/cool down take about 45-50 minutes. I have no doubt that I will reach my goal following this program and enjoy the process along the way. Even with my personal modification to this program, I have all ready lost 4lbs and a few inches. I think this is great considering we just went through the holidays where most people gain 5+lbs.

Slot Queen (Amazon Book Review)


I just wanted to share this with you: I am in Week 1 of your platinum program. I was at the gym this morning and actually had someone approach me and ask if I was a trainer!! She said I was in “such great shape” and I made the workout “look effortless.” I showed her your book and told her how much I enjoyed KBs over any other workout. What a great compliment! I will be 50 years old next month and am in the best shape of my life! Thanks again.

Gail Lecuyer


Buying this book: Lorna Kleidman’s Body Sculpting with Kettle Bells: was simply the best thing I have ever done. My friend Jo introduced me to kettlebells and she took me through a work out session and I loved it straight away. I started on using kettle bells 3 times a week but with no real direction but did feel small changes in my shape.

I have always had to worry about my weight and staying a UK size 12 took effort. During my pregnancy I ate anything and everything in sight as I saw it as a right of passage (silly girl). For months after my sons birth I did nothing and just hoped the weight would fall off….magically. For months I have been feeling down and feeling totally useless as I just could not shift the weight.

Jo calls me one day and tells me about Lorna Kleidman’s Body Sculpting with Kettle Bells book and that I just have to get it……well as I said before: that was one of the best things I have ever done.

I have just completed the silver program and I can’t actually believe that this is my body. My core has never been this strong and my thighs…..wow they are like rocks. So many people have noticed the difference in me and I feel fantastic. I am so excited about the change in my shape and the weight is now coming off. My arms have never looked this good. I just can’t believe more people don’t know about this book (something which I intend to change). I feel in control of my life again and feel like I have more energy. I have never looked forward to a workout but now I get so excited. The book is so well structured and helps you understand technique which is critical for results. It is serious like having a personal trainer!!!!

Get this book and try it……..it’s fantastic!!!!

Sinead Bright


Just wanted to say hi and thank you for been an inspiration in my training with KBs!!

I am 41 years old and started KB training for about over a year ago, in order to prepare myself for a polar expedition.

I was planning to cross the icecap of Greenland together with some good friends. This is really hard work both mental and physically – and I needed all the help I could get….

After working hard for several months I set out to cross the ice cap and it went very well. After 22 days, living in a tent, sometimes in stormy weather in minus 30 celcius degrees, pulling a slaide weight about 64 kg – I completed the polar expedition. And one of the many things I missed in these days were to get back into the gym and continue training.

I’m now doing double LC with weigth 12 +12 kg, 43 reps as my personal record whith in 10 min. – I cant wait to get even stronger and better with my technique and flow.

In addition I have totally changed the way I eat and have also lost weight even when building muscles and strength.

It is so satisfying and fun to do this, and I would like very much to improve and one time even try to compete in this sport.

So, keep on doing what you do, and if I ever come to NYC, it would be just great to join one of your classes.

Keep up the good work!! Greetings from Norway !!!

Else Haugland


I live in Australia and bought your body sculpting book recently. I wanted to thank you and say how fantastic the programs are. I’m about to start 4th week of your gold program. The results I am achieving are fantastic. Your book is the perfect solution to not having a trainer close by.

Jodie Cherry


I feel stronger, healthier, and happier (must be the endorphins!) since I have been taking Lorna’s kettlebell class. She is a great instructor and I admire her dedication to her students in helping us to be as fit and healthy as we can be. No matter what exercise issues you may be dealing with, Lorna is able to accommodate each kettlebell routine to your personal situation which I greatly appreciate. This enables everyone to work to their maximum potential.

Jeanne Davis


I wanted to say thank you for everything. There isn’t one day when I walk away from a session with you not thinking that I have had a great workout. I feel so much stronger and I know that I have gotten stronger because my running has improved! I look forward to the next session. Thanks!

Lucy Ledezma


Thank you for all the inspiration, love and support. It is going to sound so cliche but yes this journey really changed my life. I am a huge believer that our own energy determines things in our lives. Once I started the program my energy changed and after that a chain reaction just happended! I started with my body, my mind followed, then my heart and my spirit. So much changed in 3 months! I got the promotion I have been waiting for ten years, I stop SMOKING and just today I ran for 1 hr non stop! and much much changed within me! Now I am ready to learn how to surf, rock climbing and the sky is the limit! that is what you gave me! Know I believe that EVERYTHING is possible, even during those days you think you can’t continue anymore “The mind gets tired before your body (and your heart and your soul) does, that will be the greatest lesson of the KettleX! Therefore I will continue challenging myself and honoring this life lesson. From now on nothing seems impossible! I will keep you in my heart forever! KettleX-er for life!

Irasema Bazua


For me, this was not just a program– it has turned into a way of life, a routine, an enjoyable way of living. My quality of life is simply better. I feel fresh, from the inside out.

It’s amazing that all these little things that add up can boost one’s confidence. And I couldn’t believe how much stronger I have physically and mentally become. I have never had abs like these before either; that certainly wasn’t an expectation from the program, but your workouts have really been tailored to workout each muscle group efficiently. THANK YOU FOR COMING UP WITH IT!!! I couldn’t be any more ecstatic about my results.

I look back on my past in terms of working out and nutrition, and think that with this program, I didn’t have to spend grueling hours at the gym for numerous months trying to reach my goal. Your efficient workout in a matter of 3 months with the combination of the nutrition/high intensity cardio stepper/plyometrics/kettlebell weights has exceeded my expectations of myself. There were times where it would be so difficult to pull through at the end of a workout, but then I’d look around me and see how hard everyone else is trying and I pushed myself and didn’t realize how powerful our minds could be to pull through. Everyone in the program has touched my life in some way, and ultimately, you have given me the drive, determination, and willingness to succeed.

My energy levels have soared– in fact, I don’t mind doing household chores because I have the energy to do them all, and it also burns calories! It’s awesome. I feel like a super wife to my husband– knowing that I put in the time and effort to cook and eat clean, and have a clean house, packing our meals for work, and when we plan things, they are geared toward a more active lifestyle.

It has reinforced me that I don’t’ ever want to change a thing; this is the life I want to lead, and you have inspired me to do so. I will never fall back into my “comfort zone” of the unhealthy habit of working out super hard, for a vacation or trip, and then sabotaging my body and losing everything I worked so hard for. I look back and think of how I did those things in vain. During times of temptation with social gatherings and being tempted by the other non-nutrient dense food, I kept a loyal promise to myself to not sabotage what I worked so hard for– not only physically, but emotionally, I have never felt so confident in knowing that it’s just not worth it. I could not be in a happier place in my life RIGHT NOW!

My current thought process has changed– I want to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to use it as a foundation prior to having a family in a couple of years. I want to make sure that together, we can raise our children in a healthy household. I want to enroll them in sports, bring healthy snacks to school, etc. As a new Mom later in life, I want to feel a sense of independence that I can carry a car seat/stroller and multi-task with lifting heavy items without having to depend on my husband to do it all for me. Right now, I can carry 4 bags of groceries on each arm and feel good about carrying them simply from my car, to the inside of our kitchen and enjoy doing it because I CAN do it. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin from the inside, out! I feel like I’m glowing and am a new person because of you and what you have created in this program. Your inspiring words and quotes on facebook continue to push me and know that this is an ongoing journey for all of us.

So thank you Lorna, from the bottom of my heart for dedicating your time and effort to touch each one of our lives in our own way. I hope we all have some type of reunion in the future. It would be great to keep in touch!! My mornings will never been the same, but I will continue to keep KettleX as a part of my workout regimen. In fact, we have turned our dining room into a mini gym with workout mats, dumbbells, kettlebells, and a foam roller. I plan on investing on a stepper and in the meantime, I will be waiting for that DVD!! :)”

Vanessa Ding


I am really finding a big difference in my endurance when I do other sports. All thanks to you.

Dr. Bauchman


After combing Amazon.com for books on kettlebells I found your book and read all the positive comments and decided to give it a try. I think your book is excellent! Since every exercise is thoroughly explained and photographed I have had a wonderful experience with kettlebells. I’m getting great results and you’re right, exercise is fun again!

Thank You So Much!

Debbie Tlach


I am humbled by your first workout. Let me tell you why…

Over the past 3 years, I’ve gone from 210 to 130. That’s 80 pounds lost. The past 6-8 months I’ve concentrated on strength training and cardio to tone and lean out. I’d push myself on the treadmill to run 9mph to increase my indurance and spend 2 hours or more in the gym 3 days a week. My attention to my form is bar-none. Bottom line, I thought I was pretty bad. I tell you all this because of how skeptical I was to do my first workout yesterday. I know how much I can bench/lift/press/etc and thought, “15lb kettlebells for my first workout? This must be for baby beginners! How hard can it be?”

When I was done with my workout, I was sweating (I normally didn’t sweat when lifting because of all the resting in between my typical sets). But I looked at the clock and realized I’d only been in the gym for 45 minutes! I am normally in the gym for over 2.5 hours each day. With your workouts, I’m in and out (warmup and cooldown included) in under an hour!
The temptation to do more was strong, but I resisted. I wanted to see how I felt today. My lats, my hamstrings, my quads, top to bottom I’m sore! That’s awesome! Thank you for such a great and challenging series of workouts. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow!

Rachel Young


I was trying to think of one word to express how I feel about Lorna, and ‘inspiring’ fits best. I came across her website and YouTube video when I was surfing for some motivation and inspiration while training for a kettlebell certification. When I saw Lorna snatch a 16kg bell 193 times I was floored. I was just surfing for women who used the bells and there she was floating the bell up seamlessly. I quickly read everything I could about her, cut out pictures and put her on my motivational board. At the time I saw her video my training goal was to snatch a 12kg 60 times with only 1 transfer of hands. I just kept saying to myself “if Lorna is over 40 years old, around the same height and frame as me and can snatch a 16kg 193 times, I have to be able to do 60!” I call her inspiring not just because of what she has accomplished but because from what I read it wasn’t easy for a person with asthma, and not in their twenties, to take on such a huge challenge. I am currently working on a few other training goals, but my next goal will be to train under her. I’m not sure if I want to perform the 10 minute snatch challenge, but I am sure I want my body to be cut like hers. Oh yeah, the inspiration worked, I completed the certification with no problem at the age of 47! Thanks Lorna and please keep posting those videos.

Pat Smith-Elam


Having tried everything from spinning to rebounding, I can say without exception that training with kettlebells has been the most intense overall body workout I’ve ever experienced. That being said, I don’t think it would have been nearly as effective without Lorna’s guidance and unflagging enthusiasm. It never ceased to amaze me that week after week she came up with new, more advanced routines to push us, yet we always managed to meet the challenge. She truly loves what she does, and obviously practices what she preaches. Here’s to never having to do cardio and crunches again.

Michael Rehfield


I start with my KettleX training a year and a half ago, I am “addicted”! Before I use to do a mild exercise in the gym, but since I start KettleX, my entire body changed! I feel stronger and healthier. Following a 1 hour class I feel so energetic and cannot wait to the next session. I love this class, love Lorna and Paul, and recommended it to everyone for a total body workout.

Liat Ben-Aharon


My husband and I have found no other class that challenges us as much as Lorna’s workouts. She has that unique ability of taking you to what you are certain is your absolute limit…and then asking you to do 10 more reps. In her 1-hour kettle-bell class you work all the major muscle groups, engaging your core throughout, making you not only look good, but developing real strength and endurance. We love her classes and recommend her to everyone!

Aleks and Corbett Ramsey


Lorna’s classes were great! To be crushed with such sweetness relieves a lot of the pain inflicted by the drills, and the clarity in the explanation of all the movements made me feel much safer when throwing a cannonball over my head. She is truly inspiring and really caring for everyone that decides to really change their physical condition and reach a peak performance never seen before! I did!

Thiago Passos


KettleX is great for cardio and strength. One hour gives me a complete workout. Lorna and Paul give excellent guidance, challenging me to keep improving and always introducing new moves that make the workout fun.

Lewis W.


Lorna teaches a great class. Her classes are strenuous without killing you. Lorna watches over every student to make sure that their technique is proper, ensuring no injuries and greater strength building.

Carolyn Meckler


I am loving the class and I can’t wait to start up again next month! Thanks for being such a great teacher!

Lisa Shaub


Not only is Lorna a Kettlebell champion, she is also an amazing presenter! Our team had a great time absorbing all the excellent information that Lorna shares about technique, styles, safety and Kettlebell history. We walked away with a better understanding of the essential Kettlebell movements and a new found inspiration to continue deepening our skill. I would highly recommend having Lorna share her spirit and information with any team out there.

Daniel Lucas, co-owner of Nimble Fitness, NYC


The KettleX method was amazing! My fitness goal was to get into my pre-pregnancy size, which was a size 4, and I hadn’t been that size in 5 years. The sessions went by so quickly, while you were doing them all of a sudden 55 minutes would be done! Now I am in my size 4 skinny jeans and loving my physique!

Melanie Wilson