Workout/Warm-up Category: Advanced Level

KettleX Advanced #2

Equipment Yoga mat, block, (2) 15lb dumbbells, med-heavy KB, stepper with all risers, large towel, chair or stool Workout Time 45:38 Movements Non-jumping option Bridge with shoulders on step 20 Dumbbell press in bridge 15 Plank, knee to elbow 12 each 3x Side step on stepper with dumbbell 12 each Jump or step up 15 …

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Fit & Fab Advanced #2

Equipment Yoga mat, block, step with all risers, heavier KB, towel for forearm, gliders, (1) 5lb dumbbell, (1) 15lb dumbbell Workout Time 46:26 Movements Non-jump options offered Glider hamstring negative 15 Side plank leg lift 20 each Dumbbell sweep & squat 10 each 2 sets Jump or step to dumbbell Snatch, then jump or step …

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Fit & Fab Advanced #1

Equipment Yoga mat, block, medium band, step, (2) 5lb dumbbells, (2) 15lb dumbbells, heavier KB Workout Time 46:23 Movements Down dog, hip hinge Crawl 2 steps 5x Prone dumbbell reaches 4x Medium band hip abduction 3 sets Heavy dumbbell seated press, squat, row 12 Pushup with single leg lifted 3 sets Heavy KB deadlift 15 …

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KettleX Advanced #1

Equipment Light KB, step with risers, block, yoga mat, Workout Time 31:15 Movements No-jumping options Single leg deadlift to Bulgarian split lunge to single arm row 15 each Pushups every 6 sec for 90 sec 2 sets Toe tap 1 min Plank, step forward, step on/off OR burpee version 1 min Pullover with leg raise …

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