Workout/Warm-up Category: Advanced Level

KettleX Advanced #3

Equipment Mat, small towel, (1) 5lb dumbbell, (2) 15lb dumbbells, gliders, step with 1 riser, medium resistance band, heavy KB Time 51:20 Movements Single leg deadlift with posterior fly 15 each Forearm side plank with vertical snatch 15 each Banded knees hip abduction 15 each 2 sets Glider hamstring curl 10 Half kneeling single arm …

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KettleX Advanced #2

Equipment Mat, step with 4 risers, large towel, (2) 15lb dumbbells, heavier KB, chair or stool Time 45:38 Movements Non-jumping option Bridges on stepper 20 Presses 15 Plank knee to elbow 12 each 3 sets Crossed-leg touch heel down 12 each Single leg jump or straighten leg 15 each Bent-knee calf raise 15 3 sets …

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Fast Track Advanced Tabata #1

Equipment Yoga mat, (2) 15lb dumbbells, (1) 5lb dumbbell, step with risers Time 19:54 Movements Non-jumping options Each movement 20 sec with 10 sec rest Forearm side plank with vertical snatch 4 sets, then other side 4 sets Burpee, release hands 4 sets Laterals over step 4 sets Feet on ‘wall’ rotations 4 sets Plank, …

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Fit & Fab Advanced #2

Equipment Yoga mat, block, step with all risers, heavier KB, towel for forearm, gliders, (1) 5lb dumbbell, (1) 15lb dumbbell Workout Time 46:26 Movements Non-jump options offered Glider hamstring negative 15 Side plank leg lift 20 each Dumbbell sweep & squat 10 each 2 sets Jump or step to dumbbell Snatch, then jump or step …

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Fit & Fab Advanced #1

Equipment Yoga mat, block, medium band, step, (2) 5lb dumbbells, (2) 15lb dumbbells, heavier KB Workout Time 46:23 Movements Down dog, hip hinge Crawl 2 steps 5x Prone dumbbell reaches 4x Medium band hip abduction 3 sets Heavy dumbbell seated press, squat, row 12 Pushup with single leg lifted 3 sets Heavy KB deadlift 15 …

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KettleX Advanced #1

Equipment Light KB, step with risers, block, yoga mat, Workout Time 31:15 Movements No-jumping options Single leg deadlift to Bulgarian split lunge to single arm row 15 each Pushups every 6 sec for 90 sec 2 sets Toe tap 1 min Plank, step forward, step on/off OR burpee version 1 min Pullover with leg raise …

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