It’s Your Decision

Over the years many clients and friends have asked me how I keep doing… whatever it is I’m doing, particularly in the realm of training for Kettlebell Sport competitions. I think they imagine that I jump out of bed each morning before the alarm, at the crack of dawn, to go out running, then to the gym for a lifting session and then home for a protein-rich meal. All before 7am!

Journey Toward Hip Replacement – Lorna Kleidman

In June of 2016 I had a full left hip replacement at the age of 50. Many people naturally associate joint replacement surgery with advanced age, but it’s not uncommon to hear stories of younger individuals in their 30s also needing the procedure for various reasons.

An Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport (GS), is a highly challenging power-endurance feat of a cyclical nature. Lifters’ success involves technique, flexibility, strength, proper breathing patterns, aerobic capacity, stability, and mental focus.  As opposed to Olympic or Power Lifting, traditional GS events require an athlete to lift a sub-maximal load, completing as many repetitions …

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Simple Ingredients

Can you tell me where to go for the best pizza in your neighborhood? Sure you can. That’s because you probably don’t know many people who don’t love pizza. Me neither. They may not eat it often because of dietary reasons, but this simple food is noted as one of the most beloved culinary favorite ever, yet “it’s only dough, cheese, and sauce.”

Two Favorite Tips for Instant Rejuvenation

Your days are busy with work, kids, your spouse or partner, meetings, deadlines, workouts and myriad other urgent issues. You often don’t have time for the kind of rest that leads to rejuvenation, but here are two of my favorite habits to restore energy during your day –

On a Mission to Quit Sugar!

Today is the 6th day of my no-sugar mission, and so far it’s going well – no headaches, no severe cravings and no tremendous mood swings.