Workout/Warm-up Category: Foundations

Foundations #2

Equipment Yoga mat, (2) 5lb dumbbells, chair with a back Workout Time 26:57 Movements Supine arm reaches Marching Bridges Dumbbell press 2 sets Quadruped containment & leg extension Standing knee lifts Leg extension Leg swings 1 set Squat Dumbbell bicep curl 2 sets Standing toe touch to side Knee lifts 1 set Wall pushups 1 …

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Foundations #1

Equipment Chair with a back Workout Time 21:51 Movements Seated arm reaches Arm curls Diaphragmatic breathing Toe tapping Leg reaches Seated marching Standing marching Arm Circles Arm lifts Trunk tilts Leg abduction with chair support Heel raises Forward-backward & side-to-side stepping