Foundations #8

Equipment Mat, chair or stool, block, light KB, (1) 5lb dumbbell Time 35:08 Movements No jumping 20 sec work, 10 sec rest. 3 sets for all moves High pull, catchStanding trunk rotationsForearm side plank, reach under & upSingle arm row & standSingle hand hold, squatStanding knee liftSplit stanceSeated single leg over blockSeated twistForearm plank, alternating …

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Foundations #7

Equipment Yoga mat, block, (2) 5lb, chair with back Time 23:06 Movements Supine arm reaches Add marching Dead bug with blcok Forearm bent knees side plank 1 set Squat, bicep curl Lateral raise with balance Romanian dead lift 2 sets Forearm plank hold Bird dog with shoulder abduction 2 sets

Foundations #6

Equipment Yoga mat, chair with back, (2) 5lb dumbbells Time 33:03 Movements Dead bug variation Tabletop with hip flexion 2x Hip flexion to back of chair Squat to chair Bicep curl, overhead press Chair plank hold 2x Single arm row Trunk tilts 2x

Foundations #5

Equipment Yoga mat, chair, (2) 5lb dumbbells Time 19:03

Foundations #3

Equipment Yoga mat, block, chair, (2) 5lb dumbbells, small towel Workout Time 27:39 Movements Dead bug Bridge Overhead reaches 2 sets Quadruped to bird dog Half kneeling bicep curl & press 2 sets Squat to chair Marching 2 sets Split lunge Plank hold on chair 2 sets

Foundations #2

Equipment Yoga mat, (2) 5lb dumbbells, chair with a back Workout Time 26:57 Movements Supine arm reaches Marching Bridges Dumbbell press 2 sets Quadruped containment & leg extension Standing knee lifts Leg extension Leg swings 1 set Squat Dumbbell bicep curl 2 sets Standing toe touch to side Knee lifts 1 set Wall pushups 1 …

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Foundations #1

Equipment Chair with a back Workout Time 21:51 Movements Seated arm reaches Arm curls Diaphragmatic breathing Toe tapping Leg reaches Seated marching Standing marching Arm Circles Arm lifts Trunk tilts Leg abduction with chair support Heel raises Forward-backward & side-to-side stepping