Thank you for all the inspiration, love and support. It is going to sound so cliche but yes this journey really changed my life. I am a huge believer that our own energy determines things in our lives. Once I started the program my energy changed and after that a chain reaction just happended! I started with my body, my mind followed, then my heart and my spirit. So much changed in 3 months! I got the promotion I have been waiting for ten years, I stop SMOKING and just today I ran for 1 hr non stop! and much much changed within me! Now I am ready to learn how to surf, rock climbing and the sky is the limit! that is what you gave me! Know I believe that EVERYTHING is possible, even during those days you think you can’t continue anymore “The mind gets tired before your body (and your heart and your soul) does, that will be the greatest lesson of the KettleX! Therefore I will continue challenging myself and honoring this life lesson. From now on nothing seems impossible! I will keep you in my heart forever! KettleX-er for life!

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