For me, this was not just a program– it has turned into a way of life, a routine, an enjoyable way of living. My quality of life is simply better. I feel fresh, from the inside out.

It’s amazing that all these little things that add up can boost one’s confidence. And I couldn’t believe how much stronger I have physically and mentally become. I have never had abs like these before either; that certainly wasn’t an expectation from the program, but your workouts have really been tailored to workout each muscle group efficiently. THANK YOU FOR COMING UP WITH IT!!! I couldn’t be any more ecstatic about my results.

I look back on my past in terms of working out and nutrition, and think that with this program, I didn’t have to spend grueling hours at the gym for numerous months trying to reach my goal. Your efficient workout in a matter of 3 months with the combination of the nutrition/high intensity cardio stepper/plyometrics/kettlebell weights has exceeded my expectations of myself. There were times where it would be so difficult to pull through at the end of a workout, but then I’d look around me and see how hard everyone else is trying and I pushed myself and didn’t realize how powerful our minds could be to pull through. Everyone in the program has touched my life in some way, and ultimately, you have given me the drive, determination, and willingness to succeed.

My energy levels have soared– in fact, I don’t mind doing household chores because I have the energy to do them all, and it also burns calories! It’s awesome. I feel like a super wife to my husband– knowing that I put in the time and effort to cook and eat clean, and have a clean house, packing our meals for work, and when we plan things, they are geared toward a more active lifestyle.

It has reinforced me that I don’t’ ever want to change a thing; this is the life I want to lead, and you have inspired me to do so. I will never fall back into my “comfort zone” of the unhealthy habit of working out super hard, for a vacation or trip, and then sabotaging my body and losing everything I worked so hard for. I look back and think of how I did those things in vain. During times of temptation with social gatherings and being tempted by the other non-nutrient dense food, I kept a loyal promise to myself to not sabotage what I worked so hard for– not only physically, but emotionally, I have never felt so confident in knowing that it’s just not worth it. I could not be in a happier place in my life RIGHT NOW!

My current thought process has changed– I want to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to use it as a foundation prior to having a family in a couple of years. I want to make sure that together, we can raise our children in a healthy household. I want to enroll them in sports, bring healthy snacks to school, etc. As a new Mom later in life, I want to feel a sense of independence that I can carry a car seat/stroller and multi-task with lifting heavy items without having to depend on my husband to do it all for me. Right now, I can carry 4 bags of groceries on each arm and feel good about carrying them simply from my car, to the inside of our kitchen and enjoy doing it because I CAN do it. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin from the inside, out! I feel like I’m glowing and am a new person because of you and what you have created in this program. Your inspiring words and quotes on facebook continue to push me and know that this is an ongoing journey for all of us.

So thank you Lorna, from the bottom of my heart for dedicating your time and effort to touch each one of our lives in our own way. I hope we all have some type of reunion in the future. It would be great to keep in touch!! My mornings will never been the same, but I will continue to keep KettleX as a part of my workout regimen. In fact, we have turned our dining room into a mini gym with workout mats, dumbbells, kettlebells, and a foam roller. I plan on investing on a stepper and in the meantime, I will be waiting for that DVD!! :)”

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