Just wanted to say hi and thank you for been an inspiration in my training with KBs!!

I am 41 years old and started KB training for about over a year ago, in order to prepare myself for a polar expedition.

I was planning to cross the icecap of Greenland together with some good friends. This is really hard work both mental and physically – and I needed all the help I could get….

After working hard for several months I set out to cross the ice cap and it went very well. After 22 days, living in a tent, sometimes in stormy weather in minus 30 celcius degrees, pulling a slaide weight about 64 kg – I completed the polar expedition. And one of the many things I missed in these days were to get back into the gym and continue training.

I’m now doing double LC with weigth 12 +12 kg, 43 reps as my personal record whith in 10 min. – I cant wait to get even stronger and better with my technique and flow.

In addition I have totally changed the way I eat and have also lost weight even when building muscles and strength.

It is so satisfying and fun to do this, and I would like very much to improve and one time even try to compete in this sport.

So, keep on doing what you do, and if I ever come to NYC, it would be just great to join one of your classes.

Keep up the good work!! Greetings from Norway !!!

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