Buying this book: Lorna Kleidman’s Body Sculpting with Kettle Bells: was simply the best thing I have ever done. My friend Jo introduced me to kettlebells and she took me through a work out session and I loved it straight away. I started on using kettle bells 3 times a week but with no real direction but did feel small changes in my shape.

I have always had to worry about my weight and staying a UK size 12 took effort. During my pregnancy I ate anything and everything in sight as I saw it as a right of passage (silly girl). For months after my sons birth I did nothing and just hoped the weight would fall off….magically. For months I have been feeling down and feeling totally useless as I just could not shift the weight.

Jo calls me one day and tells me about Lorna Kleidman’s Body Sculpting with Kettle Bells book and that I just have to get it……well as I said before: that was one of the best things I have ever done.

I have just completed the silver program and I can’t actually believe that this is my body. My core has never been this strong and my thighs…..wow they are like rocks. So many people have noticed the difference in me and I feel fantastic. I am so excited about the change in my shape and the weight is now coming off. My arms have never looked this good. I just can’t believe more people don’t know about this book (something which I intend to change). I feel in control of my life again and feel like I have more energy. I have never looked forward to a workout but now I get so excited. The book is so well structured and helps you understand technique which is critical for results. It is serious like having a personal trainer!!!!

Get this book and try it……..it’s fantastic!!!!

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