I am humbled by your first workout. Let me tell you why…

Over the past 3 years, I’ve gone from 210 to 130. That’s 80 pounds lost. The past 6-8 months I’ve concentrated on strength training and cardio to tone and lean out. I’d push myself on the treadmill to run 9mph to increase my indurance and spend 2 hours or more in the gym 3 days a week. My attention to my form is bar-none. Bottom line, I thought I was pretty bad. I tell you all this because of how skeptical I was to do my first workout yesterday. I know how much I can bench/lift/press/etc and thought, “15lb kettlebells for my first workout? This must be for baby beginners! How hard can it be?”

When I was done with my workout, I was sweating (I normally didn’t sweat when lifting because of all the resting in between my typical sets). But I looked at the clock and realized I’d only been in the gym for 45 minutes! I am normally in the gym for over 2.5 hours each day. With your workouts, I’m in and out (warmup and cooldown included) in under an hour!
The temptation to do more was strong, but I resisted. I wanted to see how I felt today. My lats, my hamstrings, my quads, top to bottom I’m sore! That’s awesome! Thank you for such a great and challenging series of workouts. I’m already looking forward to tomorrow!

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