I was trying to think of one word to express how I feel about Lorna, and ‘inspiring’ fits best. I came across her website and YouTube video when I was surfing for some motivation and inspiration while training for a kettlebell certification. When I saw Lorna snatch a 16kg bell 193 times I was floored. I was just surfing for women who used the bells and there she was floating the bell up seamlessly. I quickly read everything I could about her, cut out pictures and put her on my motivational board. At the time I saw her video my training goal was to snatch a 12kg 60 times with only 1 transfer of hands. I just kept saying to myself “if Lorna is over 40 years old, around the same height and frame as me and can snatch a 16kg 193 times, I have to be able to do 60!” I call her inspiring not just because of what she has accomplished but because from what I read it wasn’t easy for a person with asthma, and not in their twenties, to take on such a huge challenge. I am currently working on a few other training goals, but my next goal will be to train under her. I’m not sure if I want to perform the 10 minute snatch challenge, but I am sure I want my body to be cut like hers. Oh yeah, the inspiration worked, I completed the certification with no problem at the age of 47! Thanks Lorna and please keep posting those videos.

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