I began Lorna’s class with very little upper body strength. After just 8 weeks, I was absolutely shocked at how much stronger I had become. As a woman, I had always thought strength training meant endless bicep curls with little 5lb dumbbells. Well, I can now swing a 35lb kettlebell and I am getting results that I didn’t think were possible. Not only is my body getting tighter, but my posture and energy levels are improving, too. It is very empowering and exiting to see the changes in my body with each passing week. Lorna is an excellent teacher who inspires us to push our limits in every workout. I always look forward to her class and always leave feeling that I have given it my all. She gives her trainees great personalized attention and ensures that everyone gives it their all safely. It’s great that Lorna takes the time to explain the proper form and function of each exercise so that we learn a skill set in addition to getting a killer work out. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious…thanks to Lorna, I am totally hooked on kettlebells!

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