Workout/Warm-up Category: Intermediate Level

Fast Track Intermediate #1

Equipment Yoga mat, block, (2) 5lb dumbbells, step & risers Workout Time 17:21 Movements Bulgarian split stance, hover, bicep curl & touch knee 10,8,6 one side Bridge, alternating press 10 each Other side 2x Glider mountain climber & leg abduction 4 each 5x Laterals over the step 15 2x

Fit & Fab #2

Equipment Towel for knee, (2) 5lb dumbbells, yoga mat, step with risers Workout Time 45:36 Movements Single leg deadlift, single arm row, posterior step 8 each Plank alternating hand touch leg 10 each Bird dog with posterior fly 15 each Dumbbell trunk rotations 15-20 sec each 3 sets Lateral lunge, knee lift 10 each Fast …

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400 Challenge

Equipment Yoga block, chair or stool, (1) heavier & (1)lighter KB, towel for knees Workout Time 31:32 Movements No jumping High pull to goblet squat. You can use a chair or stool for squat 10 Light or heavier KB dead Swings 10 Swing Clean to post step 10 each Kneeling press 10 each Single arm …

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KettleX Intermediate #1

Equipment Wrist bands, yoga mat, block, gliders, chair or stool, (2) Kettlebells 15-25lb. They can be 2 different weights. Workout Time 43:03 Movements No jumping Single-leg deadlift   10 each Swing Clean, elbow to knee 8 each Glider with vertical Clean 8 each Standing Russian twist  18 or so (2) KB sit then hover 3 sec, stand. Use chair …

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Fit & Fab #1

Equipment Yoga mat, block, gliders, dumbbells, chair or stool Workout Time 49:34 Movements No-jump options Double leg bridge  20, singles 15 each Prone Angel  15 Pushup to side plank  8 each Squat elbow to knee with dumbbells. You can use the chair or stool   12 each Dumbbell chops  3-way 20 sec each 3 sets High …

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KettleX Intermediate 5-Rung Ladder

Equipment 1 light & 1 heavier KB, yoga mat, block Workout Time 32:38 Movements No-jump option Double arm Swings Squat or squat jump Pushup Leg raise Russian twist High pull Rep scheme will be an inverse ladder 25,20,15,10,5 & 5,10,15,20,25

Fast Track Intermediate #1

Equipment (2) 5lb dumbbells, step with risers, gliders, taller KB to match height of the block (KB will not be lifted), Workout Time 17:21 Movements Bulgarian split stance, hover, bicep curl, then touch, stand 8, 6, 4 *one side Bridge with alternating dumbbell presses 10 each *Other side Bulgarian split stance Bridge with alternating dumbbell …

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